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Thread: A letter from Demint to the New Conservatives

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    That was good advice hope they listen. All of them will lie and all are in it for the money. The economy is bad now but if they don't start working together things will get a lot worst. Killing Medical insurance will be the downfall of the Republican party. Obama will serve 8 years.

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    I told you so:

    Republicans are conflicted over earmark ban

    Apparently, the Paul's aren't all that much against earmarks:

    One of these supporters is tea party Sen.-elect Rand Paul of Kentucky, who back in March of this year started beating the drum to ban all earmarks in Congress.

    But even Paul appears to be conflicted about the issue.

    As Dave Weigel notes Tuesday for Slate, Paul suggested his stance on earmarks wouldn't be as black-and-white once he entered office: According to the Wall Street Journal, Paul told its reporter that earmarks "are a bad 'symbol' of easy spending but that he will fight for Kentucky's share of earmarks and federal pork, as long as it's doled out transparently at the committee level and not parachuted in in the dead of night."

    "I will advocate for Kentucky's interests," Paul said.

    Paul's father, Texas GOP Rep. Ron Paul, also supports earmarks, despite his profile as a small-government libertarian. He said in a 2009 House floor speech that while it may be popular to vilify earmarks, they make up just 1 percent of the U.S. budget--and that for members of Congress to forfeit discretion in spending outlays is tantamount to shirking their duty.
    "It is the responsibility of the Congress to earmark. That's our job," Rep. Paul said.

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