Your Violent Revolution or My Violent Revolution?
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Thread: Your Violent Revolution or My Violent Revolution?

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    Your Violent Revolution or My Violent Revolution?

    Less than a month ago, when now defeated Texas Congressional candidate Stephen Broden was quoted out of context saying, "We have a constitutional remedy, and the Framers say if that don't work, revolution." the Left went apoplectic over a GOP candidate for public office discussing openly the mechanisms the American Republic retains for self-correction.

    Fast forward to this afternoon when MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan had Left-Wing political cartoonist Ted Rall, author of a new book, "The Anti-American Manifesto" (theoreticly, an ironic title), on his show.

    MSNBC Host Calls for Revolution: ‘Real Change…Perhaps Through Violence’ | The Blaze

    “Are things in our country so bad that it might actually be time for a revolution? The answer is obviously ‘yes.’”

    Ratigan invites on cartoonist Ted Rall to talk about his new book The Anti-American Manifesto, and argue the case for violent overthrow of government. Quoting John Locke, Rall argues that “the people have an obligation to revolt,”

    I'm still waiting for the Left to go apoplectic over this breach of journo-politico-social decorum. Of course, I'm continuing to breathe in the interim.
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    OK. I made it through 2:11 minutes when he says "Nobody is poised to step in." He's an ignorant talking head like all the rest of them. What the hell does he think we are being pushed towards violence for? That's the end game. What all these dominoes are set up to fall into. When the violence erupts Obama calls in the foreign troops, Marshall law, FEMA camps, United Nations, and after a few months of the sheep going without food water or power, they will be ready to follow ANYONE who says "I can help." And the New World Order led by George Soros falls into place with the progressive politicians owned by the international banking cartels.

    He needs to stick to his cartoons.
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    This just proves that left or right, the people on the fringe are nutty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    ., when you work for the government or UNIONS you are a leach!!!! ??
    I can't agree with you there. There are unions which aren't government subsidized. They use no tax payer money to fund their retirement funds, payrolls, or pensions. So how are they leaches?

    Also, it's not the workers. It's the leaders. They take the money from the employees and donate it to the Democrats mostly, to get them re elected, and the Dems fight for the unions and the entitlement programs which feed them. SEIU for example, the WORST. The teachers union, followed by police and fire, and if you notice, they are all going international... setting up their ducks for globalization.

    I know a lot of union workers. With the exception of ONE, I know they all voted for Scott Brown. Sure, their unions endorsed Martha Coakley, but that doesn't mean the workers voted for her.

    PS Cathy, heres a tidbit that goes with that bottom link on your original post. Interesting. http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmem...a_shooting.php
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    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    No GODS you are correct people are nutty. I find that people on the right (as you so call it) want to be left the FUCCC CC alone. I am wondering if you have a government job or are you sucking down the tax payer dollar and have that job security that the tax payer contributes to your no productive existence. When you are a tax payer you produce……., when you work for the government or UNIONS you are a leach!!!! I prefer to be a producer!! Which are You???
    I worked for our government about 25 years ago. Since then I've earned a living defending people charged by our government with allged wrongdoing.

    I agree we have lots of people living off other taxpayer dollars. In fact, everyone who pays less tax than I, be it income taxes, sales taxes, or real property taxes, is leaching off me, just as I am leaching off everyone who pays more taxes than I.

    We used to have a public road here in WNY that was maintained by the people who used that road via tolls charged for using it. Then some socialist nut went on a mission to have the toll booths taken down. He was successful in having the toll booths removed. His "success" resulted in causing all taxpayers, whether or not they ever used that road, to have to chip in to maintain that road.

    In essence he turned what was a pay-as-you-go road into a socialist highway. Apparently he was very proud of his imposition of socialism on the public because he kept bragging about it.

    That same person made millions of dollars leaching off other taxpayers. He actively sought and obtained government subsidies and government handouts, all of which were paid for by the taxpayers. He was a true socialist to the bone both in his economic and political life.

    Apparently the people of New York were not very impressed with his desire to foster socialism upon us because they handed him a resounding defeat at the polls.

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