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    From Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry Inc.

    Greetings in freedom, I apologize for the long email, but there is a lot of information to pass along:

    Its been a couple weeks since the satisfying federal and state elections. Here in Wisconsin, we now have a republican controlled state senate, assembly, and a republican governor. The last time conceal carry legislation passed both state houses with veto proof majorities here in Wisconsin it was despite democrat control of those legislative bodies. Of course we all know Gov. Doyle vetoed that legislation.

    MANY democrats in the state fully support conceal carry, but there are a few for whom many concessions were made to the last bill in front of the legislature to get that legislation to the governor. With republican control of both state houses the realties have DRASTICALLY shifted. Those concessions are NO longer necessary.

    Right now one can open-carry in Wisconsin with NO permit and no registration, etc. 1000's of people open carry every day in Wisconsin. Conceal carry however is banned. In other states there are 2 kinds of conceal carry situations. Some states have what's called "shall issue" laws which means if you meet the qualifications set forth, the state MUST issue you a permit. Some of those qualifications include registration in the form of a permit, a permit tax that can vary widely, from a few $ to hundreds of dollars, mandatory training classes that may cost several hundred dollars, and sometimes even fingerprinting and frequent renewals where you must again pay an expensive permit fee and get re-fingerprinted. The other danger in a shall-issue permit system is that even if the original law has only a small permit tax, in future years when perhaps the state legislature is NOT as gun-rights friendly, they could EASILY jack up the permit tax to HUNDREDS of dollars through a simple budget bill and effectively stifle the ability of many people to afford to renew their permit. Its a dangerous slippery slope that leaves your right to carry at risk to future legislators. We know the Wisconsin legislature/governor is VERY pro-carry right now. You can't be sure after future elections it will be.

    The trend is for more and more states to simply allow all law-abiding citizens to carry concealed without a permit. This is called "constitution carry". Constitution carry means you DO NOT have to register with the government, pay expensive fees for a permit, and be required to take expensive mandatory government training classes. You simply have a right to carry in the manner of your choosing as the constitution provides. There are 3 states that allow "constitution carry" Vermont, Alaska, and Arizona. Arizona just passed constitution carry last year. Other states including Utah and Texas are likely to become "constitution carry" states in the next year.

    The last time conceal carry was in the legislature, the reality was a shall issue law or no concealed carry. That has changed. NOW with a republican senate, assembly, and governor, the two choices facing Wisconsin are a shall-issue permit system OR constitution carry. One of those options is a virtual certainty this next legislative session. It will be up to YOU to decide which it will be.

    There are a number of reasons why constitution carry is the preferred scenario.

    As I mentioned above, a shall-issue permit system means you have to register with the government, pay a permit tax (fee), possibly take expensive mandatory government training classes costing hundreds of dollars and even in some cases get fingerprinted.

    In addition, a permit system would require a great deal of NEW government resources and databases to administer. This cost would amount to MILLIONS of dollars to implement a system and hundreds of new state government employees to staff that bureaucracy at a time when WISCONSIN IS IN A FISCAL CRISIS. As you all know, "smaller government" is the trend right now and a shall-issue permit bureaucracy flies in the face of that.

    Constitution carry would require no fee's, no mandatory government training, no fingerprinting, no new bureaucracy, no waiting months for your permit and no future renewal requirements where you have to go through and pay all that again. Wisconsin Statute 941.23 is the conceal carry ban. If that 130+ year old statute was simply repealed, Wisconsin would become a Constitution Carry state. Wisconsin also needs to repeal 167.31 which would allow you to carry in your vehicle (currently you have to unload and encase your weapon when you get in your car)

    Wisconsin Carry believes there will never be a better time to get constitution carry in Wisconsin than RIGHT now.:

    -At their state convention in Milwaukee this past summer, the Wisconsin Republican Party voted the right to carry concealed WITHOUT a permit into their official platform.

    -Wisconsin Governor Elect Scott Walker has gone ON RECORD stating that IF the legislature gets a repeal of 941.23 to his desk, HE WILL SIGN IT.

    -We have a republican controlled state senate, assembly, and republican governor.

    There is NO reason we can't have Constitution Carry in Wisconsin. We just need to let our legislators know that is what we want.

    Wisconsin Carry, Inc. has been contacted by the United States Conceal Carry Association which has a huge national AND in-state footprint. The USCCA and Wisconsin Carry are in agreement that Constitution Carry is right for Wisconsin and feasible this legislative session.

    Wisconsin Carry and the USCCA will be working together on this issue to present a united front in Wisconsin to obtain Constitution Carry for our law-abiding residents.


    With YOUR help we can make this happen. 3 things. Contact your state senator and assemblymen, Contact Governor Elect Scott Walker, and Contact OTHER gun-rights groups in Wisconsin and ask them to join Wisconsin Carry AND the USCCA and present a united front seeking Constitution Carry In Wisconsin.

    First, contact your state senator and assemblyperson and ask that they support Constitution Carry. Politely share with them that since any law abiding citizen in Wisconsin carry currently open-carry with no permit, it makes no sense to have to register with the government and pay expensive permit taxes and submit to mandatory government training just to be able to conceal.

    Ask your legislators to support a repeal of 941.23 and 167.31. Share with them that Wisconsin is facing a fiscal crisis, and there is nothing to gain from enacting a new bureaucracy to administer a shall-issue permit system.

    You can find your legislators here:

    Who Are My Legislators?

    Many legislators were just elected 2 weeks ago and they will not take office until Jan 3rd. You should be able to contact those legislators through their campaign websites/facebook pages etc.

    Here is a link to all the state election results:

    Fall 2010 general election results - JSOnline

    Second here is a link to contact options to contact Governor Elect Scott Walker. Governor Walker is already on record stating he will sign a repeal of 941.23. Thank him for agreeing to sign that repeal. Ask him to ask the legislature to get a quick clean bill to his desk that would repeal 941.23 and 167.31, which would cost the state nothing, provide our LONG awaited right to conceal carry and allow the state to move on to the business of fixing Wisconsin's fiscal crisis.

    email: [email protected]


    Office of Governor-Elect Scott Walker
    17 West Main Street, Suite 301
    Madison WI 53702

    suggestion form: Citizen Suggestions

    THIRD Contact other gun rights groups in Wisconsin and politely ask them to JOIN Wisconsin Carry, Inc. and the United States Conceal Carry Association to present a united front to bring Constitution Carry to Wisconsin. Many of these groups are currently evaluating their position on conceal carry given the election results. Let them know that you support Consitution Carry and you hope they do as well.

    Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association:

    N3292 County Rd E
    REDGRANITE, WI 54970
    Wisconsin Concealed Weapons, The Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association

    BY PHONE: 920.295.9435

    BY EMAIL: info @

    Bill Schmitz, Chairman
    bill.schmitz @

    WI-Force: (state NRA chartered association)

    Wi-FORCE - Wisconsin's NRA State Association

    Jeff Nass
    [email protected]
    N615 Silver Ln.
    Pulaski WI 54162-8320

    Vice President:
    Jim Proulx
    [email protected]
    9356 W. Dixon St.
    Milwaukee, Wi. 53214-1268

    Paul Baumann
    [email protected]
    P.O.Box 808
    Kenosha, WI 53141-0808
    Phone: 262-551-7848

    Gary Nichols
    [email protected]
    W271N7055 Hansen Dr
    Sussex, WI 53089
    Cell 262-364-8737

    National Rifle Association Contacts:

    NRA Director:
    Buster Bachhuber
    [email protected]
    2603 Julip Drive
    Wausau, WI 54401
    (715) 675-9230

    NRA Field Representative:
    Scott Taetsch
    [email protected]
    PO Box 157
    Gleason, WI 54435-0157
    Office: 715-873-3360
    Fax: 715-873-3361

    NRA-ILA Representative:
    Jordan Austin
    [email protected]
    National Rifle Association
    11250 Waples Mill Road
    Fairfax, VA 22030

    NRA-ILA Grassroots Coordinator:
    Katrina Ruminski
    [email protected]
    NRA-ILA Grassroots Division
    11250 Waples Mill Road
    Fairfax, VA 22030
    Phone: (703) 267-1194
    Fax: (703) 267-3918

    Carry On!

    Nik Clark
    Chairman/President - Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
    [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardballer View Post
    Conceal carry however is banned.
    According to , Wisconsin's concealed carry prohibition is unconstitutional:

    The right to keep and bear arms is therefore not to be abridged by any State law. Sec. 941.23 must also fail under the application of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    In sum, sec. 941.23 is unconstitutional on its face as overly broad in violation of the Second and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution.
    So either the 941.23 statute is no longer enforceable or the above ruling has already been stayed. Which is it?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
    According to , Wisconsin's concealed carry prohibition is unconstitutional:

    So either the 941.23 statute is no longer enforceable or the above ruling has already been stayed. Which is it?
    We are treading lightly yet. This is a local circuit court ruling and will have to go through the appeal process for a final determination. More information @ Wisconsin

    We are working towards a Constitutional carry. Hopefully we will see the repeal of 941.23.
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    Even with "constitution carry" we will need some way to get a resident license if we want reciprocity with other states like Michigan.


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    Any updates on the progress in the first 2 weeks Hardballer? Also, have you been able to get the NRA to help support this?
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