You must remember this...
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Thread: You must remember this...

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    You must remember this...

    You must remember this
    A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh
    The fundamental things apply
    As time goes by...

    YouTube - Walter Cronkite announces death of JFK

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    "Know it? I've still got the shovel."

    YouTube - Shooter Movie Trailer
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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    MA, Away from the liberal loonies...
    The legacy is over and we now have a republican in the peoples seat...

    I'm sure he's not cheating on his wife.
    He may have driven his truck over the bridge at Chappaquiddick. While I'm not sure of that for fact, I can write with certainty no one was left to drown...

    Moving on...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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