The Book: "Trickle Up Poverty"
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Thread: The Book: "Trickle Up Poverty"

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    The Book: "Trickle Up Poverty"

    The Book; "Trickle Up Poverty" ...
    I was wondering if any of our members have read this book as yet. I myself have not but will soon get a copy since I hear it is a great book. Just wanted to know others views on it. Thanks! Jazzman

    Until now, I have avoided reading much of what others have written about the book in order that I might carefully study it and create my own singular review. After reading it, I can say that Trickle Up Poverty is essential reading for anyone who loves our country and does not want to see it fall.

    Along with the mind-blowing explosion of conservatism in the past couple of years, has come an explosion in the publishing of conservative-themed books. It seems that conservative talkers and television pundits release a new book every few months, and some of us may be getting a bit book-weary. If you are one who has become burned out on the glut of conservative books out there, let me assure you, this is not your garden-variety, conservative cheerleader-rah-rah book. Trickle Up Poverty is a serious, in-depth, educational resource. Each chapter is a detailed, organized, heavily researched and footnoted study of the major areas of the assault on America by the plainly Marxist Obama administration and its fellow travelers in other areas of power.

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    Seems like every time Oprah makes some communist rag famous, Beck pushes one to the best sellers list.

    The wildly popular television show "Oprah" is watched by 7.4 million people every day. About 5.7 million of those viewers are women and about 1.7 million are men.

    Glenn Beck question: How many people watch Glenn beck? Approximately 2.5 to 3 million viewers tune in every night.

    Considering the numbers, I'd say he's doing one hell of a job for the conservatives! Imagine if the networks weren't owned by corporations with a liberal agenda and Beck was on one of the big three!
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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