I sent the following to our farm group and this is a reply I received from a lady in Canada. Sounds Familiar.

Good Morning All,
Some think S510 is a good thing, I think it is more Government take over.
The bill will require the FDA to regularly inspect farms and food processing facilities, something it does not currently do.
Strange aren’t all meat processing plants already Federally inspected? Aren’t all large food processing plants already inspected?
If I want to sell lamb to the public I have to send it to a butcher shop that is federally inspected.
The difference now is they can come to the farm and inspect it also.
The real reason for this bill isn’t food safety, it is to create more Government growth, something this administration is very good at and more government intrusion.
The cost of the new regulations, is estimated to total $1.4 billion over the next 4 years in new government agencies.
Huge corporations like General Mills, Kraft Foods North America, National Association of Manufacturers and 25 more organizations support this bill.
In opposition: American Grassfed Association, Family Farm Defenders, Small Farms Conservancy 93 others in an open letter to address the Senate Bill S510.
Why did huge corporations support it?
Maybe they would like to see the small farmer out of the picture.
What do you think?
Take Care

Hi Chuck, the one you have is similar to what is happening here in Canada... the real thing is that under the guise of food safety they are making it so that they can enter any premise with out a search warrant and do what ever they please with out us having any rights to stop them or complain... the other thing is that the government wants to make sure that all food is processed by only large corporations so that they have the control of all the commerce... therefore ensuring all tax dollars are collected.... also if you look at the census forms .. why do they need to know what little pieces of machinery you own? that is so that when they want something they can come and take it away....
Think Russia pre communism...... we are there only high tech and most people are too blind to understand the consequences or the signs of what is happening.... our Provincial NDP (New Democratic Party..... communist/socialist) is working to ensure that all family farms are done for.... ensure that we can not get privately processed food.. eg: meat butchered in provincially inspected facilities... many things are now being made illegal... sharing milk from your cow with neighbors, eggs, etc. Having meat butchered for people is tricky here.. have to sell them a live animal and be nice enough to deliver to the meat cutter (who illegally butchers it for them) then cuts and wraps in their inspected facility. (so they are food safe handlers... but no one can get authorized to butcher as they want then to put in $75,000 waste water tanks.... no one could ever hope to distribute that back through the customer base....
We also have the gun registry... so that he cops can come in shooting and ask questions later..... They have used this several times here in Canada ... shot up a house in Alberta where they shot up a woman and kid ... because they thought the guy had a gun.....
Just a few things for your thoughts.....
Lorna : )
ps hope you have a great week! And keep your head down : )

Good Morning Lorna,

We are going back to Government Elite days, where we are the subjects and they are the Royalty.
They are doing everything they can to stop Individual and Family independence.
We have four groups in the United States,
(The Very Rich) those that create jobs and control the growth of our Free Economy.
(The Dependent Group), those that rely totally on the Government, such as welfare recipients, illegal immigrants, government workers, and others that depend on Government protection such as Teachers, Auto Industry workers, and many other Union Groups.
(The Independent Group) This includes those Individuals and families that don't depend on the Government of Government supported Unions. These include farmers, and workers that depend on their own hard work and dedication to make a living for them selves and their family.
(The Government Elite) Career Politicians that has infiltrated every facet of our lives and will not be satisfied until they have total control.
The two things that stand in their way are (The Very Rich) that they are trying to force out with Government regulations and higher taxes and the (Independent Group) that they are either going to force out or force them into Government dependency with regulations like the Food Safety Bill and Health Care requirements. They also would like to take over Individual Retirement accounts so they can pass them on to bloated underfunded big Union accounts.
Take Care