End-Run Plugging of the "Gun Show Loophole"
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Thread: End-Run Plugging of the "Gun Show Loophole"

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    End-Run Plugging of the "Gun Show Loophole"

    A lot of you are going to question whether this is really a problem for gun owners specificily, so let me state right up front that this is the result of the Elena Kagen court, so, YES!

    Copyright defense restricted (Final update 12:13 p.m.) : SCOTUSblog

    SCOTUS just handed down a decision (4-4 with Kagen recusing her ex-Solicitor General-self insuring the lower court ruling stands) brought by the Swiss watch maker Omega against American warehouse store Costco. Costco was selling Omega watches at below Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

    What the decision did was to gut the first sale doctrine if the product was manufactured outside of the United States and thus had to travel in international trade. Again, why does this matter?

    Where was that snazzy Taurus pistol of yours made? Oh... Brazil. Where was that hot new Springfield Armory XD(m) made? Oh, the Croatia. How about all of those cheap AK-47 knock-offs you're storing up? God doesn't even know where.

    A lot of the equipment we trade in as gun owners aren't made in America. With the silent flip of a neuron, foreign makers can demand that American owners of their products, in America, are forbidden to resell them. Not commercially, not privately, not ever. This includes gun shows.

    "So what! Why would a foreign gun maker exercise such ridiculous newly conferred "rights" against me?" Why indeed? Maybe because the federal government makes it a condition of future and continued importation of their products into the American market? Just like the mafia making future status quo business for a shop keeper contingent on the payment of protection money, the federal government has shown itself capable of exercising all manner of mafia-esque tactics. Speed limit 55 or no federal highway funds. anybody?

    So, anyone buying a brand new, foreign made firearm in the near future, take a good look at the license/warrantee/fine print. It may very well be that for you and that firearm, the so-called "gun show loophole" has been closed.
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    I see the connection... And agree in the future this could be used for just such a thing as speculated.

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Since there is no gun show loophole fighting the anti-civil rights crowd will be expensive and a pain in the tuchus.

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