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I understand that Glock pistols are used by at least 80% of the law enforcement market. I can imagine the impact if they took a similar position. Would be very interesting to say the least. :)

It's been an uphill battle so far, but I think Ronnie Barrett's efforts are beginning to pay off. Barrett rifles have stopped selling or servicing any LEO agency in CA due to the ban of .50 BMG rifles by citizens. I respect companies that are willing to stand up to the government and protect our 2A rights.

I'm putting in an order for a STI Sentinel Premier on Tuesday. ;)

Glock is a HUGE supplier to the LE community. I pray that they will also stop servicing CA agencies. California's extensive approval process is, in my opinion, meant to dissuade gun manufacturers from exporting firearms to CA, a backdoor attempt at gun banning. This follows a certain company's attempt to serialize casings/projectiles. As we say here in New England "I'm wicked pissed."