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Thread: What Liberals are saying about CC in National Forest

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    I commented too.

    I don't remember what all I said.I was pissed off and I just rambled.What I said would make sense to any of you but to someone who apparently has no sense,I don't know.
    Give everybody guns.
    Natural selection will cull out the idiots.

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    I couldn't help it, I had to write a response and I'm glad to see it wasn't just USAcarry people giving her s*#t for being such a dumb ass.

    How can you call yourself educated when you don't even contemplate whether or not you even make sense?
    Unapologetic American

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    Added my 2 cents...hopefully SCOTUS will soon recognize the way the law has been all along and validate the last of the Bill of Rights that has for some reason been neglected.
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    Looks like this lady is taking a major a$$ whipping for her ridiculous statements. Though I've successfully hunted deer with a handgun, it was done legally, ethically and never in a National Park. :D

    I'll spare the lady my word of wisdom. Don't want to waste my time beating this "dead horse". ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecocks View Post
    If you truly believe this should be repealed, then quit playing and actually try to implement the process used to secure the freedom of slaves, experiment with prohibiting alcohol, grant women the vote, address gender/age/racial discrimination and so on. Why don't you? Because you know it won't pass through the ratification process. The Constitution is clear, but the anti-gun groups feel this is too important to trust to the process set out by the founders of our country.
    I'd like to take a slightly different slant here... it's been my contention for more years than I care to think about that the BoR is not subject to the amendment proccess that applies to the rest of COTUS. In as much as the rights enumerated therein are described as inherent, existing before the document, they are therefore not amendable/recindable. I vehemently believe that this is a position we must stress at every opportunity... to do otherwise is to invite the possibility of a "recind..." movement by the anti-s, especially if, come November, we lose what little control we now have...

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    My post...

    Let's keep this in perspective...
    "Like most every other liberal crusade, gun control is based on the assumption that other people lack common sense and must be controlled by the superior wisdom and virtue of the annoited"
    - Thomas Sowell

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