Registration on Used guns in TX?
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Thread: Registration on Used guns in TX?

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    Registration on Used guns in TX?

    you read that title correctly... Supposedly the Abilene City Council in Abilene TX wants to pass a city ordinance that would stop the gunstores and pawnshops from purchasing or taking in trades on used guns without the gunowners name, and other data going into a data base, and supposedly it would be the responsibility of the said gunowner to prove that the firearm in question is not stolen. I'm not sure of all of the details, but I was wondering if anyone on here could tell me if the local city council has the authority to regulate used firearm sales or purchasing? supposedly they would want everyone to have a different permit in order to sell their used guns, even at gun shows, which means if you didn't have an FFL you would then be breaking a federal law. any advice would be good, there are a number of good citizens here that do not want to see any legislation like this pass. thank you for your help.

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    My observations indicate a city council, especially a non-metro smaller town, will try things they think they can get away with. And yes, even in Texas. But what usually stops them is the city attorney who reminds them that it is illegal and will cost a great deal to defend in court before they lose. I would work on it from that angle to fight it. And if the city atty is on board with them, go to the State Atty General.

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