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    Sad but true. That is one of the main reasons I teach law enforcement for free for the most part. I think it is kinda scary to think that the same people who everyone thinks should carry are the exact ones I would not want firing anyhwere near me if I was standing on the business end of a gun waiting for someone to help me.
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    Reading another post I ran across this sham of a video, and I thought it also related here. The officer says that it is a perrishable skill and you will start loosing it within a couple monthes, but the training for a majority of law enforcement agencies that I have dealt with qualify at most once ever 6 monthes. Notice that there is a big difference between training/practice and qualification.

    I also think that it is really ironic that there is a police officer in this video that shoots himself from poor gun handling during a lecture on how he is the only one that should be carrying a gun, to a class of children. You really have to see it to understand.

    'If I Only Had a Gun': Click Here for 20/20 Special - ABC News

    More specifically the video of the officer shooting himself.

    YouTube - DEA Agent
    How can anyone call that an investigative report. It was pure propaganda.
    From what I see in that news video it looks as there are some real problems with the set up. In each scenario the shooter knows which person in the room has the gun, and where they are sitting, then targets them directly.
    I would lay dollars to doughnuts that in a real life scenario the shooter wouldn't know who has the gun in the room and who to target first. So the chances that the armed citizen would be able to get off a shoot before they were targeted greatly increases. Plus most if not all spree shooters are not going to be that calm and clear thinking, to immediately identify that someone is drawing down on them. Nor will the have the skill of a training expert.
    That whole piece was done to achieve the result demonstrated.
    If they made the effort to make this a real life event, they would have let the student choose his own seat. And the shooter wouldn't have been the one to arm the student before the test.
    Just like most political poles. Ask the questions in a certain way and you will reach the conclusion that you want every time.
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