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Thread: When denied our 2nd amendment rights?

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    In fact you are NOT being denied your second amendment rights -
    You are being given a choice, respect the rights of the property owner
    or do business elsewhere. You do NOT have the right to do whatever
    you want on someone else's private property.

    Imagine if you will... someone coming into your home and exercising
    their first amendment rights... (take this with a grain of salt as an
    example ONLY) Do you as a Christian have to allow someone into your
    home to expound on the virtues of Islam ? Would you permit someone
    to come into your home and do the deed (trying to be nice here) in the
    middle of your living room ?

    Same for a private business - they are not denying your rights to carry...
    they are exercising their right to serve only persons that are willing to
    abide by their rule.

    I agree that their mindset that denying access to persons with guns as
    a means of making their environment safer is ridiculous... but it is their
    right to be misled by the fools that believe this trash.

    btw - why would you give these people your money anyway
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by BruceGAtl View Post
    Same for a private business - they are not denying your rights to carry...
    they are exercising their right to serve only persons that are willing to
    abide by their rule.
    Agreed, legally they can refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason, gun or no gun. That is their right. How I handle it is take my money elsewhere, plenty of other business that will accept it. I wouldn't even bother telling them I am leaving, they won't know I am gone until their accountant does the monthlies and notices a drop in business.

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    With all due respect to the thread initiator and the repliers, why is this thread on this "main category?". Kindly move it to 2A and politics etc. Has been discussed adnauseam on that category. Comes down to they don't want you, don't go there; you want to trespass or break the law, have at it.

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    Bringing the "NO GUNS" sign down

    Quote Originally Posted by Daven View Post

    How would you handle it? and what is the website to report businesses that do not allow carrying?

    We've addressed this relatively successfully in my community. In Kansas any business can opt out by putting up an AG-Approved gun buster sign, thus disallowing CCL/CCW on their premises. We've managed to persuade most local business to take their signs down by simply, politely, and respectfully letting them know that we understand it's their right, and that we'll respect their right by spending our money in establishments that allow CCL/CCW. We point out to them that CCL/CCW holders are vetted, and bad guys are not. And the obvious, the bad guys are unlikely to comply with their signs/wishes anyway.

    An example of a letter I wrote to a local business in November 2010. Their sign was down shortly (less than a couple days, maybe within hours) after receiving it. They'd received several similar letters, emails, and phone calls from people in the community.
    Dear Sir or ma’am:
    I’m writing to express my initial excitement and subsequent disappointment regarding our new XXXXXX in Andover Kansas. You see I’ve been a long time and loyal customer of XXXXXX XXXXXX on East Kellogg, Wichita. For years I’d wished we had such a store in Andover. That’s a little history, and now I’ll move on to my point. I went to enter the Andover XXXXXX for the first time on November 20th 2010, upon approaching the entryway, noticed your “no guns” signs on either side of the doors. I am a Kansas Concealed Carry License (CCL) holder, and do legally carry a concealed hand gun as permitted under the Kansas Family Protection Act, for personal protection.

    The purpose of my letter today is to inform you that I will respect your wishes by NOT patronizing XXXXXX so long as you have a “no gun” sign of any kind posted. I only shop where I am welcome to carry. As a Kansan with a CCL, I have no felony convictions, never been convicted of domestic violence, no history of mental illness or drug addiction. I’ve passed a background check, have my fingerprints on file with the KBI, passed mandatory training in both the use of a firearm, and the applicable laws. Can you say that about your other customers? It is my sincere and humble belief that signs such as the ones you have displayed ONLY disarm law abiding citizens such as myself and my fellow CCL holders. The patrons you need to concern yourselves with not only are likely NOT to comply with your signs, they now know the rest of your customers have been conveniently disarmed. Other businesses in Andover have recently taken down their “no gun” signs; I’m sure in part due to this realization. It is my sincere hope that you can come to a similar realization, and have the opportunity to take my business from XXXX XXXXX, which does NOT display a “no gun” sign.

    As you may be aware, any business such as XXXXXXX may “opt out”, or disallow a CCL holder from carrying a concealed firearm on your premises by simply placing an Attorney General (AG) approved sign on or near ALL entrances in the manner outlined by the Kansas Attorney General’s Office. I point this out because the “no gun” sign you have posted does NOT comply the Kansas Family Protection Act’s opt out option, nor does it obligate compliance by Kansas CCL holders under said Act.

    BUT, your signs do communicate your desires, and as the Attorney General’s Office will tell you, may be an issue of trespassing if someone brings a firearm on your premises.

    CC: XXXXXX XXXXX, Regional Manager, XXXXXXX


    As for the web site question,, We have a forum similar to this one KSCCW.com is growing..., where we have these types of discussions, and coordinate our letters writing campaigns as needed, and report known gun friendly businesses..

    hope this helps...:-)

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