Misinformed Anti-Gun Politician Fail
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Thread: Misinformed Anti-Gun Politician Fail

  1. Misinformed Anti-Gun Politician Fail

    I'm looking for info on the lady politician (new england area) who went on TV talking about assault rifles and was asked by the interviewer if she knew what something was (foregrip, or flash hider, or something else) and she didn't know the answer, but tried to lie her way out guessing it was a buttstock.

    Can anyone post the clip, or at least remind me what part of the gun she mistook.

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    I know the exact video you are looking for but can't find it.

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    YouTube - What is a barrel shroud?

    "Shoulder thing that goes up"

    Carolyn McCarthy

    I'm pretty sure that's what you're looking for.
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  5. Love it

    Awesome video clip! I love watching people like that look like idiots.

    Great post.

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    OK Here are some details that put this into perspective and that is not necessarily a good perspective.
    Carolyn was a housewife that was totally used by the liberals on Long Island, that's New York.
    She became the poster girl for the gun grabbers after the misfortune of losing her husband and having her son paralyzed on the LIRR at the hands of Colin Ferguson, she mentions him in the video. He ended up killing six and shooting nineteen others.
    So this is in relatively "gun free" NY. Gun free except for the criminals but certainly for anyone that would want a concealed carry permit in NYC which is where this train originated. Three brave guys finally reacted to subdue Ferguson as he attempted to reload for a second time. I repeat, he was attempting to put a third 15 round magazine into his gun when he was wrestled to the floor.
    He started at the west end of the car (NYC is west and the train was traveling east on Long Island on the Mainline.) What you never see mentioned that as he walked down the isle shooting he was walking backward .... exactly. His back was to the rest of the train. So draw your own thoughts and conclusions. I wasn't on that train but I am sure there are those thinking the same as me.
    So now you know how and why Carolyn McCarthy is such an expert on firearms, gun control and the Second Amendment.
    Nobody should have a gun with a hoosey whattsie except the police. Sorry if you don't understand the technical nomenclature I reference!

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    Having a person refer to or regulate something they know little or nothing about is like a senator or congressman voting for a bill they never read, O yea forgot about that one.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by squisher View Post
    "Shoulder thing that goes up"
    Carolyn McCarthy
    Thanks for that.

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    In the 2010 election that pathetic hack, for the first time since she won that particular house seat, actually experienced a much closer race. Perhaps the brainless stiffs on Long Island will escape their delusion and vote this clown out of office in '12. Although, I doubt that is likely being the anti-gun agenda on the national level is on life support. If the democrat party overthrow of 1994 taught us anything, it is until a restrictive anti-gun ownership law gets passed only then do many gun owners react in the following election. Cases in point, the Brady Bill and the so called Clinton assault weapon ban.
    By the way, there have been many people who have lost loved ones by violent criminals with guns. Not all of these unfortunate individuals have traded common sense for a nonsense agenda.

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    Interesting note: That was MSNBC critiquing her, not Fox!

    New York already has a 10 round magazine limit, that she also was probably unaware of, as well as her "clip" terminology. She may be more of a gangbanger than she thinks she is...

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    Don't forget that she ran with one plank in her platform: Gun control. Sorry she lost her husband to a madman but sheesh lady move on and stop looking to place blame upon a class of inanimate objects! Seek professional help, not elected office!
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