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Thread: Opening Shot On ObamaCare Scheduled for Wednesday

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    So you are ok with the government forcing you to buy health insurance even if you are healthy and see no reason for it, but I have no children so I should not be paying for schools. I think I'm missing something. I keep hearing that this is a free country and yet we are loosing freedoms pretty regular all because it's for the children or for safety reasons or for the elderly or the homeless or ect.... We have the best health care in the world without obamacare, no one is left out. Life isn't fair get over it. We are all victums of poor choises by or selves or some one else. You can't legislate that.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    It still baffles me as to why you all are against healthcare for everyone. If you stopped and thought it through you would see that the reason your healthcare cost keep going up is to pay for the people that don't have healthcare and go to the emergency room to get care. So either way you are going to be paying for others health care. I find it better to pay for the cheaper preventive care then the emergency room care. And to stop those that want to call me a liberal or socialist why the hell do I have to pay taxes for your kids to go to school. I don't have any kids and so I should not have to pay for services that I will not be using. But I still pay for it due to it helps the nation as a whole to have educated kids that soon will be of voting age and might go on to do things that will be helpful for some. So while you all are so upset about this realize that most of us without kids feel the same way for having to pay for services for kids that none of us have.

    The only thing I can see that you all have a right to be pissed about is the government forcing you to pay or be fined but the same can be said for us that don't have kids.
    Healthcare for everyone is fine if the government would go about it the right way. Why should a "healthcare bill" have anything to do with gun rights? Didn't know that was in there? Why should the POUS be able to form a paramilitary organization of his own in addition to the regular military? Didn't know that was in there? Why was the bill rammed through without being read and our members of congress not even knowing what the bill contained? What has been enacted IS NOT a healthcare bill. It was a blatant attempt to circumvent the congress and Constitution and add programs that would have nothing to do with healthcare. The liberals really socked it to us with that one! I don't think anyone would gripe about having a pure healthcare bill passed if it was done within the framework of the Constitution and presented to the people where it could be understood. Healthcare does not require all the socialistic additions that are in our current legislation. The United States has the greatest medical treatment in the world and the finest doctors. That is why people from all over the world come here for treatment. I can't see changing it. The government throws away enough money to foreign governments and illegal aliens to pay for our healthcare problems. Why not use that money for our citizens?

  4. The problem here in Utah is that it's Republican majority (Mormon State) and you are either a Rep or a Dem with a few Ind in there for good measure. But when the people go to the polls they Punch one button that follows the dominate religious line. Then walk out, without ever reading a thing. It's just they way the sheepole think. So sayeth the church so doeth the flock. I imagine its like that in a lot of states. If you have no Idea what you are voting on its better not to. JMO

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