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Thread: CNN poll on magazine capacity

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    As of 6:25pm/

    As of 6:25pm, we're still down.

    YES - 58%
    NO - 42%

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    i voted

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    I expect nothing less than the indicated results from the CNN crowd. Thought is not required.

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    They just don't get it. There are a lot of guns out there that come from the factory that can hold more than 10 rounds.
    So what are we surposed to do turn in all mags that hold more than 10 rounds?
    If I have 3 mags that hold 10 rounds or 1 mag that holds 30 rounds, just how far can you run in the 2 to 4 seconds it takes to swap out mags?

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    Voted! still way off........... 57% for to 43% against! Start voting people!

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    Slow down, take a deep breath. This pole by CNN own admission is unscientific just by the virtue of the fact that one could cast multiple votes. If the pole swung in our favor, the leftist controlled media outlet would shut the pole down.

    Finally, if the pole was accurate, the anti-gun president and the democratic controlled congress in the first two years of this administration would of passed all kinds of anti-gun ownership regulations with no fear of backlash.

    Reality, neither the senate nor the house wants to touch this issue. Millions out of work, hundreds of thousands losing their homes. With all considered, the congress would be ridiculed to no end if time was spent debating over the virtues of or lack thereof of gun laws.

  9. I did not take the poll but if it came fromm CNN (Communist News Network) it will only serve to support more government control and less personal fredom. I only watch them occasionally to LOL.

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    What good are polls? Didn't we learn anything from the last two years? The politicans will do what ever he wants to do. Public polls or opinions will not sway their vote. They do what the group with the most money tell's them to do.

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