Good article about the DC gun ban
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Thread: Good article about the DC gun ban

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    Good article about the DC gun ban

    Not that we don't all realize these statements to be true, it is nice to see them in print in the Washington Times

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    fantastic story, n bet on the that the SCJ read it.

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    A friend of mine once told me, "if there is a stupid law on the books that puts my life in jepordy, then that law is ignored by me"! I tend to agree..if I lived in DC, I know of a law that I would be breaking DAILY!
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    Nice to see the Washington times print what we have been saying for years.

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    Common sense from the news media? How refreshing.
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    I've been forced into the District for work on several occasions and if you've ever been near M St. you wouldn't think there is a ban on guns. Hell, you can by a gun easier than crack over near The Milk Bar. I thought this was perfectly legal. (shrugs)

    The Washington Post was never really on either side of the 2A when I used to read it.
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    "Crackheads, though, are not that good about following advice. Perhaps the D.C. Council could pass a law that requires crackheads to wait on police while burglarizing a home. It might be as effective as the handgun ban".

    exactly! wake up law makers!!!
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    Criminals Killing With Impunity

    A piece of the Washington Post article: Since 1976, the criminals of the city have carried handguns and killed with impunity, while the law-abiding have cowered in their midst.

    Holy Cow! A second article in the recent news that speaks truth and sense. What could this country be coming to?

    Of course, to counter that, police are now concerned that the new hot, fruity COLORS of some new handguns will have children thinking they are toys.
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    Hm...I liked it.As was previously mentioned,it is refreshing to see the truth in the media sometimes.
    Give everybody guns.
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