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Thread: Boxer to Introduce Common-Sense Concealed Firearms Act of 2011

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    Au contraire, my friend, I would like nothing more than NOT having to obtain any permit from anybody. But untill that fine day comes, I would at least prefer to not have to worry about who's permit is valid where and what restriction I have never heard of restricts me in a place I have never been before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenixjim View Post
    I blatantly took the following from wikipedia:
    Freedom of movement under United States law
    "As far back as the circuit court ruling in Corfield v. Coryell, 6 Fed. Cas. 546 (1823), the Supreme Court recognized freedom of movement as a fundamental Constitutional right. In Paul v. Virginia, 75 U.S. 168 (1869), the Court defined freedom of movement as "right of free ingress into other States, and egress from them."[1] However, the Supreme Court did not invest the federal government with the authority to protect freedom of movement. Under the "privileges and immunities" clause, this authority was given to the states, a position the Court held consistently through the years in cases such as Ward v. Maryland, 79 U.S. 418 (1871), the Slaughter-House Cases, 83 U.S. 36 (1873) and United States v. Harris, 106 U.S. 629 (1883).[2][3]"...

    There's more of course, but travel is non-specific in the method employed (walking, horseback, or perhaps even car)...

    Of course, in the last century, states began taxing travel (and providing licenses) etc... Up to you whether you like it or not, but I wouldn't recommend getting caught "driving without a license". Although that would likely be a less severe "infraction" than carrying without a license...
    Or perhaps even an airplane. Do you have to show your D.L. to board an airplane traveling wholly within the United States? The Supreme Court says "No", or at least they have in the past, but there is a case before the courts to test the notion.

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    Ok, so now that some criminal who could give a poo about any gun control law or permitting process committed a felony, all the rest of us law abiding citizens have to pay? Something doesn't add up here. When will these people understand that legislation doesn't solve crime. All it does is hurt the ones that don't commit crimes. Idiots.

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    The words "common sense" and "Barbara Boxer" should never be used in the same sentence. Oxymoronic, or some such, I believe.

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    When someone says we need common sense laws, whose common sense is going to be used. If it is a politician's watch out as that is something they lack. Their common sense laws applies to everyone except themselves.

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    It is a prerequisite for any Congresscritter/Senator who claims the ad hock title, Liberal/Progressive..... to "introduce" anti-gun legislation at every opportunity. At least those opportunities that have some "legs" to them.

    Funny how getting one of their own shot gets the "movement" started, but the Army Major shooting up on a base...... Hell, those drones won't even admit that he is a terrorist, let alone get into gun-control issues over it.

    I suspect they are using the "fear factor" as fuel to push this time. (After all, it might be ME next time! EEEEEEK!) Unfortunately for their dreams, I don't think they will find Conservatives so prone to moral cowardice.

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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    The dumb ***** needs to fix her own states stupid laws and leave the rest of us alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    Other than the cost, I agree with you. I view the cost as the same as a poll tax. Poor folks who might need it can't get it without spending around $200. Florida's system is self supporting though.

    Boxer needs dumped but her and her anti-gun pals have setup the districts so that they have safe jobs.
    I like my state's requirements (WA). $50 for an FBI BG check and $5 for the cardpaper it's printed on. Shall issue, roots out the crazies, doesn't strip individual rights unless you have proven yourself unworthy of them.

    I do grant that this is still unconstitutional because it is an encumbrance on a right.

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    The effort to remove guns from citizens will never cease. Case in point is if Libyans had carry, their revolution against Kadaffy would have been over last week.

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    All these efforts to chip away at the Second Amendment have only influenced me to start buying more firearms. If they start to outlaw the ones I posses, I'll just bury they in the backyard!

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