Guns Kill, Pencils Misspell Words
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Thread: Guns Kill, Pencils Misspell Words

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    Guns Kill, Pencils Misspell Words

    Now here is a man who understands common sense gun control! I asked him for and I got permission to post excerts so long as links to the entire article are included. He would also like very much if people would visit his site, read the article, and leave some comments regarding it.

    PUBLISHER'S DESK: Guns kill, pencils misspell words! - My Web Times

    ... In light of the recent tragedy in Arizona, there has been a renewed call by the anti-protection enthusiasts to ban citizens' rights and means to adequately protect themselves. ... Don't confuse these anti-protection or gun control enthusiasts as a crowd that relies on facts and logic; those two words are foreign to them. They simply see an opportunity to exploit tragedy and pounce. ....

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    A good teacher doesn't call his poor students dumb. Instead he figures out a way to help his dumb students become smart.
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