Article on mass murderers
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Thread: Article on mass murderers

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    Article on mass murderers

    This is a good article on what drives a mass murderer. It was written a year and half ago, but it still applies. And it's doesn't seem to be written by one of the news agencies with an agenda. Explains Loughner to a tee.

    Loss, revenge often drive mass murders - The China Post

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    Thats very scary and no joke. The small town in washington state where I live is run by the "good-ole-boys" who are in reality bullies,manipulators and a host of other things that would make any honest person cringe. After reading the article I cant help but wonder how many "ticking time bombs" there are in this town who have been wronged and are ready to explode. Of course there are individuals everywhere who fit into this catagory. Then I wonder if at some point preceeding the killings someone realized that a friend or co-worker was of such a mind-set and did nothing when a little kindness or saying something might have prevented any of these tragedies. We all need to be vigilent and watch for signs in the people around us. But taking away a persons right to defend their-self is not the answer. Unfortunately there will always be people who have lost it and will commit these horrible acts. To me "gun free zones" are nothing more than an invitation to any nut to kill inocent people without much fear of being stopped and lets face it in these cases only deadly force will stop the nut-case. An honest gun carrier might have been able to stop the carnage in some cases but the honest man obeys the law. The bad-guy or nut-case does not care. Thats why I try to avoid 'gun-free zones' as much as possible. I wonder if anybody has kept track of how many of these killings took place in areas where firearms were restricted. More than 20 years ago a friend was driving by the school in Stockton California while the mass shooting of children was happening. My friend claimed he had several oppertunities to shoot the killer but was lacking one thing. A gun. Californias' gun laws kept him from getting a carry permit.

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