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Thread: Alen West to CAIR "don't blow smoke up my butt"

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    If he ever ran for president, he would definitely have my vote.
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    I was "twigged" onto Mr. West about a year ago, when he was running for his seat. Saw a "tube" cut from one of his campaign speeches, liked what I saw and sent off a campaign donation. (Every little bit helps!)

    Lost track of him during my consistant writing and posting in other forums/newspapers and working in support of local Republicans during the lead up to the election. Glad he won his district!

    On the other hand.... can you imagine the rabid, racist, rancor filled rhetoric the Dems would spew forth with if West should even begin making noises like he might run for President? The Dem character assasination squad would go into overtime in the effort to bring him "down".

    Hell, even our own Att'y General would be affronted at one of "his people" going over to the "other side"!

    I DO like West's style, though! No namby pamby, apologistic, fence sitting stuff for he! Tells it like it is. About time SOMEONE did in the higher levels of Government.

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
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