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    Quote Originally Posted by Brabbit View Post
    Exactly!! WE need to get organized, BEFORE it's too late
    I can't see that happening. As a group, we are too divided on the small details to even look at the big picture. Heck, even on this board, we can't all agree on anything, even something so basic as the meaning of 2A.

    The only way we will all work together is when, not if, but when the gov't tries to take our weapons by force. I fear that it might be too late by then.

    Any group can work together if they are willing to set aside their differences and accept that not ALL of the members believe EXACTLY what you believe. On the minor points, we need to agree to disagree or the people who are aligned against us will prevail. And believe you me, they aren't having arguments over little things. They all appear to have a firmly held belief that we do not have the right to arm ourselves.

    Debate is fine. I'm all for a civil debate on any issue, big or small. But we snipe and attack and belittle each other for the tiniest difference in viewpoint on this board.

    To quote a criminal..."Can't we all just get along?"

  3. Brabbit

    To Lakeland Man, I wish that I could quote your last post, but it would take up too much space for my reply! You are 100% correct and I am blown away by the truth of your insight. I myself don't want to wait until the "powers that rule" are at my door, with a list of my firearms to be confiscated! This is an oppertunity to have foresight, and start turning the tide before it's too late. I agree that we need to put our petty disagreements aside for a better cause. How do we know that there are not people posting things just to upset the cart? If we are to bring about change in this country, then we need to recognize that we are not clones. We all have opinions that make us human and those opinions should be heard(to some extent!)but we need to respect the feelings of others and "agree to disagree".Those of you that are following this discussion need to let your voice be heard! There will be no use for a forum like this, if we let the "Rulers" continue on the path of removing our rights! The time is NOW! We need to be an allience and use our freedom as the motivator! I would like some input, so everyone start speaking. This forum is a starting point.Freedom of speach! As it was once said"POWER TO THE PEOPLE!"

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    Anyone placing anything on my truck/car without my permission will be considered a criminal intent on harming myself or my family and if caught doing so will be going to a hospital at a minimum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    Should have attached it to a goose. I have this vision of them in a private jet tracking the suspect. Attention, all agents, the subject is roughly two feet tall with a long neck, white,grey and black in color with a black head and white ring around his neck.
    Was that one one that hit the jet or the chopper a few days later? We know Canadian Geese are terrorists.

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  7. Brabbit

    Scary stuff Gordon! It just goes to show that we are becoming a nation of comatose idiots. I am thinking that maybe it is better to disappear to a cabin in the middle of nowhere!For now, I will do what I can to fight the political gun haters by writing to all of the members of my state government.There are still a few allies left and I have to give them my support. If that doesn't work, well........

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