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    Convince the opposition? What does it take? Stats? History? Actual events? None of this has "convinced" any of those mind toads as yet, what do you plan to do different to convince them?

    Be aware that knee jerk -phobics of any kind are absolutely immune to reasonable discourse, logic, examples on the matter of their phobia. Their "negative reaction" to their phobia is all emotional.... the anti-gun panderers are well aware of this and use emotional appeals to affect their followers/sheeple.

    There is no "reasonable" counter to emotional knee jerk phobia. Nor can the phobically handicapped be "convinced".

    About the best we can do with them, for the most part, it to minimalize them and concentrate on the swing voters who still have mind enough left to make up their own (mind).

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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    I feel that the ones in government that want to ban guns, don't care at all about "public safety". This is strictly about power. They do not like the idea of people being able to take up armed resistance against the oppressors, ie them.

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