Today the House committee on Homeland Security started their hearings on the increase of radicals in the American Muslim community. First question did anyone see it on TV at all? CSpan2 didn't bother to brodcast any of the hearing. Fox and CNN also just mentioned it but didn't bother to cover it.
I wonder if TV was prevelant in 1939 if the House covered the expansion of National Socialism in the American Bund movement, would it have been televised. Probably so as German Americans aren't as thin skinned as some other ethnic groups.

We have been so completely brainwashed we ignore the obvious and accept the rediculous as commonplace. Pretty sad isn't it.

How about we start dispelling some of the myths of the cult of Islam. Starting with the big lie first......THERE IS NO SUCH A THING AS A MODERATE MUSLIM. They may not be active but they are supporting of a cult that wants the destruction of this country and the death or enslavement of every one of us. Every day in every mosque in this country sedition is being preached. Sedition is not a protected right. When a cult preaches sedition it eliminates the protection of the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech.

I sent a letter to CSpan asking them to kindly take their collective head out of their arses and cover the hearings. I ask if others would please do likewise.