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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    I ordered my STI last week. Should be here by the end of next month.
    I think I will buy two.

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    Wait, wait 2019, California will have it all figured out. See, just attach GPS and a complicated remote locking mechanism to all newly registered guns. There will be no chance that criminals will take this equipment off their guns. Whenever there's a shooting, everyone in the immediate area of the unfolding attack will have their guns automatically shut off, which will protect everyone against flying bullets out of the shooter's gun.

    Meanwhile, all ammunition will be subject to a steep "Violence Tax" based on the particular type of (mostly handgun) ammunition's ability to "tear through bulletproof police vests like a hot knife through butter" and other such fanciful notions. The tax will be used to administer the Violent Articles Distribution Control Program, which through the use of a magnetic card, will allow you to limit your purchase of "Violent Articles" to one (1) per month. You can get a box of ammo this month, and a knife next month, and a holster the month after that. Following the three-week phase-in period of the VADCP, purchases of "Violent Articles" will be limited to zero (0) per month. Following this, the Violent Articles Ownership Control Program will be phased-in.

    Doesn't everyone feel safer now?
    Silent Running, by Mike and the Mechanics

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