Town Councilman Champions 2nd Amendment
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Thread: Town Councilman Champions 2nd Amendment

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    Town Councilman Champions 2nd Amendment

    I first read about Boston, NY town councilman Jay Broadway's efforts to resolve his ability to continue carrying concealed at town board meetings about a month ago.

    I applauded his efforts as a government official to educate the public about responsible ordinary citizens who CC.

    I believe that the more people realize that people who cc are just typical people in their neighborhood, the less adamant they'll be about outright prohibitions on firearms.

    And then the Buffalo News did what I thought was a going to be a favor for us by publishing a featured story on Mr. Broadway's concealed carry at town board meetings on the first page of the local section of the Sunday paper

    Until I saw the picture accompanying the story.

    I can't imagine how anyone could feel safer at a town board meeting or any other public place where this idiot is armed:

    Councilman's gun adds twist to politics in Boston

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    So what?

    This is a pose, not a ready carry demonstration.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bighouse Doc View Post
    So what?

    This is a pose, not a ready carry demonstration.

    Yep, he probably took the picture himself. nobody else in the room. all by his little bitty self.

    Maybe next week he can pose behind the wheel of his car with a bottle of bourbon pressed to his lips.

    And then the next week he can strike a hunting pose firing a shotgun in the brush with his eyes closed and head turned to the side.

    Yep, nothing wrong with that.

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    Is your issue the finger on the trigger? Or the fact that he looks like he's just hanging out with a hand gun? I can see where you are coming from on this one. Maybe a pose with his firearm holstered on his side and his hand on his hip holding back his jacket to reveal it would be better suited next time he has a photo shoot

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