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Thread: CT Bill to Ban Large Cap Magazines March 2011

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    What the Heck is going on up there? Maybe the cold weather has frozen their brains.

    I say lets just dig up the state around the border and push it into the ocean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CathyInBlue View Post
    Technicly, this would not be an Ex Post Facto Law. An Ex Post Facto Law would be if you sold your high-cap mags now, then the law went into effect and they tried you for possessing them in the past. Passing a law which bans the possession by the general public of any physical object is idiotic on its face, but there's nothing in the Constitution that explicitly prohibits it, except the 2nd Amendment, ironicly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Your Dictionary
    ex post facto law Law Definition

    A law intended to apply to crimes or events that took place before its passage. The United States Constitution forbids the passage of ex post facto criminal laws, on the principle that it is wrong to punish an act which was not illegal when committed.
    It wasn't illegal to own before the law is passed. That makes it a violation of the Article I Section 10.

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    Update: This bill died in committee last week thanks to all those who invested countless hours to show up prepared with comments, and those who wrote letters and emails.

    It should be notes that the only other gun related bill, a hybrid castle doctrine type bill also died in committee.

    Be very aware, that at any time, they can raise or attach this bill to any other legislation.

    This bill has been around so long, that there is no longer a sponsors name assigned to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sassedbygov View Post
    This bill has been around so long, that there is no longer a sponsors name assigned to it.
    Well, we here in CT KNOW that it is the unholy love-child of Martin Looney and his crackpot Fed rep idol Rosa DeLauro. However, the fact that there is no name attached to it NOW is even more frightening, as there is no one set of shoulders to take the responsibility.
    "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Thomas Jefferson

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