Campus Gun-Free Zone Rules
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Thread: Campus Gun-Free Zone Rules

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    Campus Gun-Free Zone Rules

    I am all for expanding our exercise of 2nd ammendment rights and I would say that includes on college campuses. I read the following story today and have a few thoughts to share so I thought I'd put it all out there for you guys to react to.

    Fox News Story

    Here's my thought; and I will say up front I am playing "devils advocate" here for the most part. I see college campuses as places where alcohol is a little more prevalent than average (no stistics, just my impression). That being the case I would think the chance of having alcohol and guns mix (in a bad way) would be a larger on a college campus than elsewhere. Chances are the girl in the story wouldn't have been a problem there but what about everyone else?

    Some hypotheticals to think about; even if any given campus permit-holder is responsible about his/her consumption of alcohol and doesn't mix that with their firearm what about everyone else? People that share dorms, rooms or frat/sorority houses with gun owners have a greater opportunity to find out things like where the spare key for the safe is, what the lock combination might be etc. Someone gets drunk, something happens, it might not be their gun but it doesn't mean they can't get access to it even if it's "reasonably secured." This situation is a good bit different than a parent keeping their children away from guns. Put a college guy up against a 10 yr old to see who can get access to the gun that's locked up, my money's on the college guy.

    The answer to that potential dilema may not be to keep campuses as "gun free zones" but what SHOULD be done, if anything? Does anyone other than me think this could even be a problem? Should there possibly be a tradeoff where if concealed carry is allowed on any given campus then there would be rules put in place about alcohol consumption (that might improve academics too who knows)?

    Remember I did say I'm playing "devils advocate" somewhat. I'd like to see concealed carry on campus be allowed but am thinking there may be concerns that need to be addressed that don't necessairly apply to the rest of the population. On another note, a lot of states (including mine) don't allow concealed carry until you turn 21; those that go to college right after high-school at 18-19 can't carry due to age even if it is allowed on campus in a lot of places.

    I'll be watching for feedback to see what everyone else thinks...

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    My son's school allows students to have firearms on campus or hunting. However, they have to keep them in a central lockup and cannot bring them into the dorms.

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    When I was younger it was not uncommon to have a rifle in a gun rack on PU, every time you make a free fire zone for the bad guys they will use it. Just saying, not an expert.

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    Any one with a clean police record, no history of adjudged mental illness, never been a politician or lawyer, should be able to carry anywhere.
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    Well, in Indiana it is hit or miss on the "gun free" zones. The state law is weird on CCW though. One can apply and very likely get a permit, but if under the age of 21 cannot buy ANYTHING related to a handgun. Years ago when I first got my Indiana permit, the age limit was 21 period, but I think that has changed due to the state getting revenue from the permit system. Frankly, I have no problem with having to be at least 19 to get issued a permit due to the fact that some 18 year olds still being in high school. JMHO.

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