There's a lot of truth in this story.
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Thread: There's a lot of truth in this story.

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    Cool There's a lot of truth in this story.

    Yeah, yeah. I know, it's CNN. But they have a lot of this story right.

    4 ways we're still fighting the Civil War -

    The way things in this country are going (and going rapidly, I might add), There will be 2 countries where 1 stood before. There will be a half dozen blue states that align themselves with Washington, DC and then there will be the rest of us. And the division won't be about slavery!

  3. It's more likely there will be two countries, the District of Columbia and the other 50 states. That is, if WWIII doesn't start first, or in tandem.

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    Our Congress and state legislative bodies have become two rival gangs fighting over their respective turf. The Crips (Dems) and the Bloods (Reps) use every tactic to gain an advantage over the spoils of war, our tax dollars. Neither party has had a passing relationship with their constuency in decades. Most of us never hear from our elected officials until campaign time. And then it's never about what they've done or are doing; it's always about what their opponent hasn't done. The omnibus bill is the killer of all things good and meaningful. Any law that is passed must have some provision for each side, thus the omnibus bills combine laws that have nothing to do with each other. Meanwhile, as Rome burns Nero fiddles.

    The media fuels this dysfunction as the gossip mongers of the unimportant. They pick our elected officials for us by favoring candidates and parties. Most people cast their vote based on what they see on the news or read in the paper. Well, those who don't follow the news are uninformed. Those who do are ill-informed. People must listen to the canidates themselves. They will always tell you of their poor intentions if you listen closely.

    It is my firm belief that every campaign promise verbalized by every candidate constitutes a contract with the American people. If you intend to break that contract you need to get out of my chair.

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