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Thread: My horrendous trip to NY

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    When I travel either for business or vacations I try and stick to a simple, in my little world, rule .... if a state does not like me and my gun they certainly are not going to see me and my money!

    The only recent time I had to bend that rule was when I was moving from NH to IN. No other choice but to drive through NY. I took the farthest route away from NYC as I could and still keep my time in NYS as short as possible. Only stopped to gas up (those big U-Hauls certainly drink the fuel!) and kept moving until I hit PA were my NH CCL is valid. All the "evil" things were packed in the middle of the U-Haul so even if I did get pulled over and they wanted the back opened all they were going to see was typical household items even if they moved some things around. They would have had to empty half the truck to find any weapons.

    Of course after making it safely into PA and catching some sleep I still had to get through OH but managed that too with just stopping for fuel and food ... WHEW!
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    NYC/NJ It's a nice place to be from, and a GREAT place to move away from!
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  4. Thanks for the updates. I have helped establish a corporate and association policy that we do not hold meetings or attend conventions of any kind in either NY, Chicago or California-Just too damn difficult and overpriced. I am sure they have all of the travelers $$ they need for their cities and states and do not need ours. At least they have made that clear to us.

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    If it were up to me you would be allowed to come here. Crossing state lines doesn't change the essence of a man's good nature or intent. We're simply outnumbered by anti-gnners. More than outnumbered, we're overwhelmed. And the NRA could be doing much more here to help us. Many of us want out of the state. NY is among he worst states one can live in. High property tax, highest debt per capita in the US, etc. People are fleeing in droves.

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    Contact the Cato Institute: Robert A. Levy Chairman, He spearheaded the Heller v DC case.
    Here is the Link:The Cato Institute: Centers and Projects

    good luck!
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    while in jail will you further your education, im very curious .

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    Quote Originally Posted by armed-an-rdy View Post
    while in jail will you write me?, im bi-curious .
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    Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post
    I would really love to try and exercise my rights and my freedoms in the state of NY... My family has a summer home in the Adirondack Park... My Great Grandmother bought a place there in the late 30's... I was bathed in the lake before my 1st birthday... I would love to be able to carry my firearm (handgun) into the local pub or perhaps take a walk with it as I do here... I am a member of a rod and gun club there also. I bring my rifles and shotgun... I spend quite a bit of time in NY each summer... But alas I'm not permitted to exercise a basic, fundamental, Constitutionally protected right to bear arms, since the state of NY will not issue me a permit as I am not a resident. I am a citizen of the United States and was born in NY... Why is it that I am any less a person or citizen with rights there? I'm a criminal if I decide to exercise my rights in NY... I call Bullshite... No use trying folks, NY tramples rights and I see why... Defend it 'till it makes you happy... You are sitting back as well. I fight the same fight here so what is the difference? By the term powerless you have committed to defeat...
    Well said.

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    why do you follow not bi curious.if your gay go to a gay chat site.are you married to a man im curious

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    Most definitely not following your trolling little self around. By your responses I just assumed you were a little attention seeking libretard **** with no friends or guns that heard about this site on DU. Troll on, it's quite amusing.
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