Brewer vetoes birther, campus gun bills
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Thread: Brewer vetoes birther, campus gun bills

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    Brewer vetoes birther, campus gun bills

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill Monday that would have required presidential candidates to provide their birth certificates to appear on the ballot, and another that would have allowed guns to be carried on school grounds.

    Brewer also vetoed a bill that would have directed the governor to set up an alliance with other states to regulate healthcare, in a challenge to the federal government.

    Brewer vetoes birther, campus gun bills

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    Dirty corrupt liar!


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    The article itself is kind of wacky. You cannot compare McCain to 0bama. Both of McCain's parents are US citizens and were in Panama at the gov't's bidding. 0bama's parents were not both US citizens and the one that was did not meet the laws requirements at the time. Other problem was evem HI did not until last year accept the form of COLB that 0bama has shown for all their gov't programs. HI allowed births to be recorded up to a year later even if not in the islands. There would have been no problems if 0bama had not sealed his records and just produced the long form COLB instead of spending nearly $2 million not to produce his records.

    But as for the laws, she did explain why she veoted the gun and BC ones last night on tv. If they rewrite or just pass over her veto, they will become law.

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