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Thread: Mexico wants to sue gun makers

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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    ...more than 8,000 grenades
    No wonder my gun shop is always out of grenades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
    No wonder my gun shop is always out of grenades.
    I noticed that the local Walmart doesn't have them either. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    Sources say Mexico's frustration with U.S. efforts to stop the flow of weapons has pushed them into this novel approach.
    Huh? Wha--? Novel approach? Unless John Grisham is somehow involved, there's nothing novel about this. This is the same approach that's been tried by anti-gun American Liberals for decades. It's a loser. It gets shut down every time the manufacturer has the financial and legal where-with-all to see the case through to the end, but that's the point. These threats are exclusively punitive, to sap a manufacturer's capital. It's a tax.

    But, uh, yeah. As has been mentioned, a lot of those American guns that are winding up in Mexican street warfare aren't getting there because of the manufacturers, who don't design, market, or sell their guns for that purpose. It's not the fault of the gun shop clerks, who are begging the BAFTE to let them refuse the sale. They're the fault of the BAFTE, who sought to rack up Branch Davidian Points by treating firearms like a narco-squad might treat marked bills... that shoot bullets. If Calderon wants to sue the pin-heads responsible for allowing American guns to wind up on Mexican streets, he needs to not be suing the manufacturers, who will ultimately win, anyway. He needs to talk to Holder. I believe he's the one who would have the list of the names of BAFTE agents who were a part of Operation Gunrunner. Those are the people Calderon needs to sue. And in that, I wish him the best of luck.
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    The nut don't fall far from the tree, Obama is in Florida watching the launch of the shuttle a program he destroyed. Obama is anti-gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon View Post
    Sure if we can sue them for the millions of unwanted illegals they openly allow to cross the boarder,
    for the drug lords,
    for the people that are murdered on our side of the boarder because of their drug lords,
    for their government officials that have stolen US guns from their own armory's and sold them to the drug lords,
    for the guns their criminals steal for the US and ferret back to Mexico
    for the autos their criminals steel from the US and ferret back to Mexico
    for the many crimes committed by their people against US citizens,
    including but not limited to robbery, rape,
    murder, and assault,
    for their lack of policing their own boarder allowing this crap to continue to happen on a daily basis,
    for the hundreds of millions of dollars the illegals cost our Medial systems,
    for the hundreds of millions of dollars the illegals get in social benefits,
    for the pain, anguish and suffering that all the above causes the US citizens.....

    Sure if they want to open that can of worms bring it on!!!!
    You said it. The key word is ILLEGAL.

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    Noticed Walmart is going to begin selling arms to help their bottom line, maybe I can put a case of grenades on lay away. LOL 2nd thought just buy from the same folks selling to Mexico BATEF.

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    I can see Mexico from my veranda. Calderon is a lying fool.

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    Obama and Holder will probabaly get President Felipe several US pre-paid Lawyers for the law suit!! Either Felipe is a thug himself getting paid under the table by the drug cartels because he would have been snuffed out ny now or his so getting paid to be a scumbag wussie to look the other way. They have already proved most of the guns come from other countrys, I believe USA guns are the only ones that put serial #'s so Felipe just wants to help his anit-gun buddy so he can get more under the table money! JMHO

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    Sue away! Bye the bye, I'm sure there would be a lot of States that would like to sue Mexico for damages and costs recovery for the care, feeding and welfare (sic!) of all the citizens of Mexico that have decided that being an illegal in the US is more benefitial (AND HEALTHY) than being a poor peasant in that failed Country.

    For instance, it was recently reported that 46% of illegals in California are on at least ONE Government "assistance" program. Why doesn't THAT surprise me? (Then again, it IS California! Bizzare center of the universe.)

    But...... we could win our suit and there would still be the problem of collecting our damages.

    I guess we are seeing a situation where a Country has nothing to lose over trying to extort money through bogus lawsuits. Hell, our own citizens (with the aid and abettment of the American Bar Assoc.) invented and refined the method. Who are we to complain that our own invention is turned against us?

    Extortion through tort law is NOT extortion at all, just the American Dream! (i.e. Get rich quick.)

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  11. truth behind the numbers

    I actually found a report on those numbers just a day or 2 ago, but I canít find it now. (ya I suck, but maybe someone else can find it) Now, of those 90,000 weapons, between 7,000 and 8,000 wear turned over to the US BATFE to have the origins traced. Of those, only 3,000 to 4,000 could have there origins traced ďat allĒ, and of the 3,000 to 4,000, about 85% came from America!

    Another round of screw the math in your political favor as much as possible!

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