Email I received about SOROS agenda
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Thread: Email I received about SOROS agenda

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    Exclamation Email I received about SOROS agenda

    I received this in the e-mail today can anybody fact check or verify this????
    1. Soros' plan to undermine US gaining momentum From our Friends at Media Research Center
    George Soros has spent the last 30 years building a multi-BILLION dollar empire of ultra-left wing groups dedicated to bringing his socialist vision of how the world should be structured to America. [IMG]chrome://litmus-ff/skin/small/lvl2.png[/IMG]
    [IMG]chrome://litmus-ff/skin/small/lvl2.png[/IMG]Free Soros Report

    Soros has been using his money to advance euthanasia, drug legalization, gay rights, a more powerful UN, a massive estate tax, increased foreign aid, abortion on demand, paralyzing global climate change regulations and special rights for illegal aliens.
    He also continues to funnel millions to liberal groups to push an agenda that opposes the second amendment, the state of Israel, the war on terror and organized religion. In a recent economic conference, Soros laid out an agenda to "establish new international rules" and "reform the currency system." But he can only accomplish this if good patriotic people are kept in the dark by a liberal media sympathetic to his socialist goals.
    That's why the Media Research Center has put together an eye-opening, [IMG]chrome://litmus-ff/skin/small/lvl2.png[/IMG]FREE SPECIAL REPORT about the Soros-led conferences while launching a national petition "Demanding the Media Report the Truth about George Soros and His Plan to Undo the U.S."
    ACTION: [IMG]chrome://litmus-ff/skin/small/lvl2.png[/IMG]Go here to access the FREE SPECIAL REPORT on George Soros' agenda and [IMG]chrome://litmus-ff/skin/small/lvl2.png[/IMG]sign the MRC Petition demanding that the media tell the truth about Soros.

  3. George Soros is probably one of, and possibly THE most evil man on earth. He wants nothing more than to bring down the US economy. He has the network of political cronies and the money to do it. Lots is info out there on him and his agenda...and he's not denying any of it....

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    That bone head is as old as dirt and he needs to just GO AWAY!

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    FESTUS: Soros is probably the most dangerous man in the world right now. He also has our government so undermined he can accomplish everything he wants. Our country is in such a sad state right now that we will be in deep trouble in the very near future. To give you an idea of how our country is going to react to the future, go to this web site: WhatDoesItMean.Com and check out some of the entries. Fiction or stretch of the imagination? I don't think so. All I can say is hang on because we are on the ride of our lives and the outcome doesn't look good.

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    You forgot to mention "Dr. Evil's" generous campaign contributions to Dem congressional and presidential candidates.

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