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Thread: Dad shot dead after breaking up fight in London Micky D's

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    The majority in the UK support gun bans and they are going to have this problem until they realize(if ever) that bans always fail in purpose. My beef with the British is that after Dunkirk, the British were facing a German invasion. Their army had lost almost all of its heavy equipment and they pleaded for guns of any type. Americans sent them thousands of personal arms and ammunition out of their own homes so that the British Home Guard could be armed to face the Nazis. What happened after the war to those guns? Yep, you guessed it. Instead of keeping them, they were melted down to what Rebecca Peters called "soup cans and park benches." I know the original owners could not have been found, but they should have been sent back home to us with thanks and put on the market if they did not want them.

    I feel sorry for those in the UK that realize what they have lost and I hope that they can regain what they lost. As for those that feel smug security now, history always repeats itself in one form or another and any country can have outbreaks of disorder were there is no one around to protect you.

    No matter how bad it gets, I have no desire to live anywhere but here in the USA

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    Lest we be fooled...... this is exactly what Obama and his band of merry misfits want us to revert to.... some kind of European Style Socialist Nanny State with exactly the same mediocrity of economic development. Gunless, so the "peons" can't complain or defend themselves from the Society Non-participators.

    The wussification of America continues uninterrupted. BAAAAAAA!

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
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    McDonalds is getting to be a realy dangerous place. If the food doesn't kill you, the customers might.

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    Quote Originally Posted by handgonnetoter View Post
    Read the article written about the British guy that won the first season of Top Shot. It was a few months ago in the American Rifleman. It will make your blood boil, and give you a sense of pride that we can own guns. I gained some respect for that guy after I read the article.
    His name is Iain Harrison - he was a good guy and was really the "Top Shot" (unlike the guy that won this year). He now works for Crimson Trace. I read that article and I feel kind of bad for Iain - he served in the British Army, for a country that turned into a place that that he could no longer tolerate living in. He turned in all of his handguns on the last day he could, in full military uniform.

    Their loss and our gain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SC Tiger View Post
    Their loss and our gain.
    We don't need no stinkin Union Jack Flags!

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    So much for the gun control argument.

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