Dad shot dead after breaking up fight in London Micky D's
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Thread: Dad shot dead after breaking up fight in London Micky D's

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    Exclamation Dad shot dead after breaking up fight in London Micky D's


    Dad who split up fight in McDonald's shot dead -

    A DAD-of-four who split up a fight in a McDonald’s was shot dead moments after being told he wouldn’t see the morning.

    Raymond Mitchell, 34, had only popped into the restaurant to buy a hot chocolate.
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    But he apparently caused offence after splitting up two men fighting in the queue.

    One of them, who had several gold teeth, shouted at Raymond: “You are gonna die tonight, you are not gonna see the morning.”

    The thug is then said to have phoned an accomplice to fetch a gun, yelling into his mobile: “Bring me that thing.”

    Raymond left the 24-hour McDonald’s but was chased into a cul-de-sac. The gun was then delivered and Mr Mitchell was beaten and pistol-whipped before being shot three times in an alley in Brixton, South London, at 6.50am on Sunday. Raymond, nicknamed Brown, was taken to hospital but died hours later.

    One neighbour, who saw the shooting but was too terrified to be named, said: “He was begging, literally begging for his life. I didn’t dare look out my window in case they saw me. I heard them laughing and swearing at him, calling him a ‘b***h’. I heard them laughing afterwards as well.”

    Raymond’s partner, who asked not to be named, said: “I’m terrified. They’re still out there and they’ve not been caught. I’ve been told how they were laughing, actually laughing after they beat him and shot him. How could anybody do something like that?”

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    Lets hear it for gun control.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsteele View Post
    Lets hear it for gun control.
    Yes, gun control really works good. No, IT REALLY DOES! Hell, the British government does not care a whit about wether or not it works, they just know that they made "Subjects" out of their populace again. Yeah, gun control is great.

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    UK is a country of subjects, not citizens. An un-armed bobbie would be of little use.

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    Didn't they know they can't have guns over there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by unclewayne17 View Post
    Didn't they know they can't have guns over there?
    Read the article written about the British guy that won the first season of Top Shot. It was a few months ago in the American Rifleman. It will make your blood boil, and give you a sense of pride that we can own guns. I gained some respect for that guy after I read the article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unclewayne17 View Post
    Didn't they know they can't have guns over there?
    They went by the wayside at about the same time the Aussies did. I believe the Brits can still own black powder long guns, but handguns and such are illegal.

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    Yes and they would be happier if they were banned here too. If all the libretards had a british accent the rest of America might wake up and figure out who these commie bastards are.
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  10. The people of the UK need to get their country back from the liberal fringe and get back the right to keep and bear arm they were promised in the Magna Carta (I think). It is tragic that a minority in the government can completely destroy the right of their citizens to defend themselves. As described here, the criminals arm themselves with impunity, showing contempt for the law, and arrogant in their power over unarmed citizens. May God save the honest people of the UK and every other country where the right of self defense has been systematically destroyed.

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    The majority in the UK support gun bans and they are going to have this problem until they realize(if ever) that bans always fail in purpose. My beef with the British is that after Dunkirk, the British were facing a German invasion. Their army had lost almost all of its heavy equipment and they pleaded for guns of any type. Americans sent them thousands of personal arms and ammunition out of their own homes so that the British Home Guard could be armed to face the Nazis. What happened after the war to those guns? Yep, you guessed it. Instead of keeping them, they were melted down to what Rebecca Peters called "soup cans and park benches." I know the original owners could not have been found, but they should have been sent back home to us with thanks and put on the market if they did not want them.

    I feel sorry for those in the UK that realize what they have lost and I hope that they can regain what they lost. As for those that feel smug security now, history always repeats itself in one form or another and any country can have outbreaks of disorder were there is no one around to protect you.

    No matter how bad it gets, I have no desire to live anywhere but here in the USA
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