Does Pro choice = Pro Abortion???
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Thread: Does Pro choice = Pro Abortion???

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    Does Pro choice = Pro Abortion???

    I had a discussion with a family member today and I said something that offended them I wanted to ask you all what you thought. I know people would consider me old school conservative even though I am only 25.

    I also know that when it comes to topics like this EVERYONE has different views and thats ok. I hope nothing crazy gets started because of my question, with all that said here it is....

    Do you think that if someone is pro choice they are pro abortion????
    Or can you believe that the woman has the right to choose even though you don't like the idea of abortion. I really look forward to hearing everyone on this one.

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    Are you SURE you look forward to hearing from everyone on this?
    Ok,I'll go first.I think it does.I understand that if someone is pro choice,that does not automatically mean that they will definitely get an abortion at some point.I do understand that.But if they are pro choice,then they are saying on some level that it is ok.I believe that a woman does have a choice.She has the same choice a man has whether or not to have unprotected sex.Before I get berated and get stuff thrown at me,I DO understand that there are cases in which the woman does not have a choice,i.e. rape.But in cases that do not involve rape,that is her choice.Once a babe is conceived,the choice has been made.Does she,or her boyfriend or her parents have the right to kill the unborne child?I say no.To my way of thinking,when a baby is conceived,it is a real live person.And there are two reasons to kill;to protect and to eat.I think abortion is wrong.It is murder,and thus is against the will of God,and,two,it violates the Constitution,in that the person doing it is depriving another person of their life without due process of law.
    You asked for it.
    I guess I'm old school conservative too.
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    This could get ugly but I'll throw my $.02 in anyway. I don't support abortion, I don't believe in abortion, but I don't think we should have laws banning abortion. So I am pro-choice, but anti-abortion.

    Don't get all worked up everybody...I'm a bit of an anarchist.
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    Thank you guys for your feedback. I look forward to hearing from more of you. As I said I know that if there are 10 people to post on this thread there will be 10 different opinions and thats cool. We are all adults so I know we can handle different points of view.

    I would like to share mine.

    IMHO if you are pro-choice and you believe the woman has the right to decide if she wants to kill her child because it would inconvenience her life, by giving her that choice you are saying if she decides to do it then it is ok. I would think if you didn't agree with abortion then you would not want a woman to have that as an option.

    That is just my thoughts on it. I really would like to hear from more people on this but I know it is a touchy subject. So if you don't feel comfortable talking about it that's ok.

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    Warning very graphic!
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    Killing is killing.

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    Yes, Pro-Choice is Pro-Abortion! Pro-Choice is a desensitized, PC term that the Pro-Abortion crowd termed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    Yes, Pro-Choice is Pro-Abortion! Pro-Choice is a desensitized, PC term that the Pro-Abortion crowd termed.
    +1 for my .02
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    I think they are the same and I am both pro-choice and pro-abortion.


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    you bet!!

    +1 to red hat and hk4u. this is no better than islamo-facism and nazism and stalinism. people who believe in abortion believe in murder, but not the death penalty. go figure.

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