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    Quote Originally Posted by Felix View Post
    If you believe that, Charlie, I've got some cheap swampland for sale you'll likely be interested in.
    When did I say that I believed what the Pakistanis are reporting? Please read my post again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felix View Post
    More for Charlie who reports and apparently believes this was a Pakistani op based on third-hand hearsay. The Washington Post quoting a Pakistani official:

    I'm sure there's a lot more to be revealed about the extent of the Pakistani "intelligence input" which I'll bet my next paycheck wasn't considered reliable enough to even be used by the CIA and JSOC planners, not to mention the shooters.

    It'll be interesting to see the Pakistanis explain how such an elaborate and highly-fortified compound could have been constructed in an affluent neighborhood populated with high-ranking political and military members without anyone in the Pakistani intelligence community having any knowledge of it. Yea, right.

    I'm not an Obama supporter but I'm certainly more than willing to give him credit for a gutsy mission approval call which succeeded. Too often, we only hear about the failures...Son Tay Raid, Desert One, Black Hawk Down, etc. but these highly-trained counterterrorism teams have a lot of mission successes which the media never finds out about and never gets reported.

    Now stand by for a bump in Obama's popularity polling numbers. Question is, will it last into the 2012 election cycle?
    Felix, you need to learn how to read, and while you are at it, learn a little bit of logic.

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    Would have been more satisfying to me if he had been captured, humiliated, tried & hung just like Sadam. But he took the cowardly way out, so OORAH!!!!!! to the SEAL that took him out. Whatever happens from this day forward, the world is a better place without him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPage View Post
    The article loses its credibility from the gitgo. I don't believe they could have done it so secretly from a Paki base.

    I am jealous that I didn't get to kill him.
    Didn't do it from a Paki base... they came in from A'stan. (Did you actually read it?)

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    Small detail, but have they said how many helicopters were actually used on the raid? I know one was downed - perhaps "hard landed" on purpose - but they were still able to get the entire team, the flight crew of the downed helocopter, OBS (Osama Bin Smoked), and approximately one @ssload of intelligence out. I'm thinking an operation planned this well would have to be prepared for at least one helo to go down. I looked on military.com and some of the guys there are analyzing the wreckage photo and think the helicopter wasn't a standard UH-60. They noted that it had a 5-bladed tail rotor and were trying to figure out how it crashed. I would think that if they intended for that helo to land inside the wall they would have to assume it would be lost (how would you like to have been assigned to fly THAT helicopter)?

    I also wonder if, considering how the helicopters were able to avoid radar detection, if the ALQ-199 from Stephen Coots "The Disciple" actually exists.
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