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  1. Statistics search Help?

    So bascially, I missed my last class I just found out I need to have a speech due tomorrow.

    Basically, my "speech" would be about how uncessarily strict the NYC firearms laws are and need some help find research quick. (I would be looking up laws by myself. But stats are harder to find)

    Namely, the incidences of defensive firearms use, that Supreme Court case where they ruled that the police doesn't necessarily have to protect the individual, and like the ATF stats about "illegal" gun use/trafficking. I know I may sound like I'm being lazy, but I don't have these statistics on hand like some of the people who debate this stuff online do.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    It would be very difficult to get statistics on defensive firearm use in NYC, due to the idiotic laws. The mere possession of bullets can get you jail time, never mind the possession of a firearm, which can get you a few years in jail. So if a gun was used for defense, it would never get reported for fear of prosecution. Bloomberg's hoplophobia would lead to a more vigorous prosecution of the the defender, than the career criminal mugger. Therefore if it doesn't exist on paper, it never happened.

    The NRA had a good article on the history of the Sullivan Law; where it's purpose was to remove any competition by rival criminals, and leave the citizens easy prey to Sullivan's criminal enterprise.
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  4. yeah, I kinda figured about the NYC Defensive stat. But, what about nationwide stats? I could use that to prove a point instead/also?

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    A very good read is "Gun Facts 5.1" (105 pages) -->

    It has the most comprehensive, well researched stats I've ever seen. The author cites the sources of his data in debunking the "myths" in the top 14 industrialized countries. It's in PDF format an you can download it. A must read for those interested in the truth about firearms.

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