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    Herman Cain won the debate. Ron Paul was a very close second.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Highline View Post
    Sadly, everyone who favors someone else because they think that Ron Paul doesn't have a chance, is the exact reason why Ron Paul wont have a chance.
    I certainly respect your support of Mr. Paul but I think it is sad that the nation is now in such a mess that the issue is much more complex than whether or not he can get support of conservatives. If Mr. Paul were to get the party nomination, I believe that he would get a larger vote than any previous time that he has run for President-----and Obama would be elected for four more years and the country, as we know it, would not survive. The Liberal press is going to redicule and besmirch any Republican candidate, especially in the areas of intelligence and policy. Truth will not matter to the state backed media. Mr. Paul is not the only candidate that will insure Mr. Obama's re-election. Gingrich would also propel Obama back into office. The Deomocrats have said that Mitch Daniels is somebody they would hate to have to run against, as well as John Hunstsman-----therefore the lying clowns are sending a clear message that those guys should not be the nominee for conservatives. The press has repeatedly said that there is no strong choice in the field of Republican candidates. In other words, we have several good candidates from which to choose. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I might not have to choose between the lesser of two evils when I vote this time. Both Mr. Paul, and as far as I know, Mr. Cain, are good responsible men. Unless something horrific is discovered, I believe Mr. Cain has a distinct advantage based on his intelligence, common sense, and race. While I do not agree, with or even like many of the Republican candidates, I cannot think of one that would not get my vote over Obama. It's a tough break for Mr. Paul, but unfortunately, living in a Republic requires tough decisions. The worse thing that could happen is if Mr. Paul decides to run as an independent regardless of the party nomination. That is another event that could thrust Mr. Obama back into office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MONTANA View Post
    The worse thing that could happen is if Mr. Paul decides to run as an independent regardless of the party nomination. That is another event that could thrust Mr. Obama back into office.
    First of all (and I do not mean this in a nasty way) it is Dr. Paul.

    Secondly, I believe that Mr. Obama will be reelected anyway...and I am not sure it's a bad thing. It is sort of like the addict that has to "hit bottom" before they can get serious about recovery. I think that the USA is probably going to have to "hit bottom" before the majority is willing to do what it takes to recover...and I can think of nobody better to get us to the bottom quickly than Mr Obama...

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    There is another candidate whose platform is similar to Ron Paul's. Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, is pro 2nd, and not quite as quirky as Dr. Paul. Johnson has a good record of reducing the size of government, and cutting taxes and spending. He won election in a state with a 2 to 1 democratic majority, and when he left (term limited) the Governor's Office, New Mexico had a budget surplus due to his fiscal prowess. I'd like to think this guy is electable. I'd like to hear other opinions. Please visit Gary Johnson 2012
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  6. I don't meant this in a nasty way either. It really is irrevelant to me whether he is called Mr. Paul, or Dr. Paul. I don't think he would want respect based on educational level. Doesn't seem to be that kind of guy. Just think. I might have to start referring to Mr. Obama as "Attorney Obama, the President". Titles should be a priority in America----really? :)

    I think Obama has a very good chance to be re-elected. The adoration of the main stream press for Attorney Obama, the President, is why I like Cain. The other big thing in the next campagin is going to be about race. If a candidate says gas prices are too high, he/she is a racist. If he/she claims that spending is out of control, they are a racist, etc. etc. How could anyone in Attorney Obama, The President's re-election staff call Mr. Cain, the CEO, a racist?

    As a former mental health professional, I can identify with the theory that an individual has to "hit bottom" before making a change. Unfortunately, with a country, in a nuclear age, hitting bottom can be the last action before its demise. I believe we have a President who thinks that he is so wonderful that he can charm the rest of the world into loving the United States (as the rest of the world mocks and hates him). I can't think of anything more serious to the security of a nation, and history has shown that when there is such a leader, there is often no chance to recover.

    But I hope you are right and I am wrong. If Obama is re-elected, I don't think there will be a "majority to do what it takes to recover". The man is naive, narcissistic, and arrogant to the point that our enemies will use those personality flaws to make permanent changes to this country.

  7. Obama isn't a attorney any longer from what I understand....?

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    I wouldn't mind seeing Cain be the Rep candidate. He can defend his relative inexperience in high level Government by simply observing that Obama had very little and that was "poo poo'ed" aside by the adoring press and the Obamabots. On the other hand, it MUST be noted that the President is Chief of the Executive Branch. In executive experience it might be pointed out that Mr. Cain is vastly more qualified than Obama was/still is.

    The best part, of course, will be that any criticism of Obama coming from Cain will defuse the primary Dem defense tactic, playing the "racist" card. It worked for them last time, kept Obama the least vetted Presidential Candidate in history (IMHO) and allowed this flim flam "made man" to gain the Oval Office. What a tavestry!

    Well, if Cain butts heads with Obama in the run up to Nov '12, rest assured that the "racist" card will stay in the deck. Obama just might have to run on his record...... and most of us realize just how sorry THAT is going to appear, given the opportunity to examine it properly.

    Besides, there really isn't anyone else on the horizon at present that shows me anything other than "same-o same-o" Political Party blundering about to represent the Rep Party. The problem with "Professional Politicians", those who are not representing "safe seats" in Congress, at any rate..... after a while they all start to talk like they have been gelded. Straddle the fence and try not to tick off ANYONE. Thus, political "platforms" turn into political pablum and NOTHING gets accomplished. So the "battle lines" are NOT what the candidate stands for, but devolve to finding fault with the character of the opponent. "Dirt raking" if you will.

    Pretty sorry, if you ask me.

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
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    I also like Cain for the same reasons and as long as he surrounds himself with the right people in the know, his short commings don't matter in my opinion. The republicans have got to pick there own candidate and stop taking the advice of the democrats and the main stream media. If they hope to win why in the world would you want advice from the opposition. We need someone that can speek from the heart, doesn't need a teleproctor and is going to tell it like it is whether the people like it or not. The dems have plenty of voters sucking off the government sow. They will vote for democats just to protect their freebie handouts. It's the rest of us that are stuck with the bill that had better wake up and stop this.
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    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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    OK, I just went to Mr. Cains website and no where does he state his stance on the 2nd Amendment. I looked several times in case I missed a link. Nothing. Now granted I do not know much of this man but is he a bit afraid to state his stance on this?
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