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    I am more inclined to support Cain for his concern and desire to get the economic and financial footing of this Nation back on track. Without that being accomplished, soon, I don't believe the Constitution, our "rights", or much in the way that our Country became #1 is going to matter, post "collapse".

    It's a matter of priorities. Right now the prevention of a complete economic and financial collapse IS the priority....... without that financial stability, all that we are/were/and want to continue to be is lost.

    At the very least one has to consider how the Government Dependents will react when the Golden Goose has no more eggs to lay. (Another reason why my household is armed to the teeth.)

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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    I wouldn't mind seeing Cain be the Rep candidate. He can defend his relative inexperience in high level Government by simply observing that Obama had very little and that was "poo poo'ed" aside by the adoring press and the Obamabots. On the other hand, it MUST be noted that the President is Chief of the Executive Branch. In executive experience it might be pointed out that Mr. Cain is vastly more qualified than Obama was/still is.

    The best part, of course, will be that any criticism of Obama coming from Cain will defuse the primary Dem defense tactic, playing the "racist" card. It worked for them last time, kept Obama the least vetted Presidential Candidate in history (IMHO) and allowed this flim flam "made man" to gain the Oval Office. What a tavestry!

    Well, if Cain butts heads with Obama in the run up to Nov '12, rest assured that the "racist" card will stay in the deck. Obama just might have to run on his record...... and most of us realize just how sorry THAT is going to appear, given the opportunity to examine it properly.

    Besides, there really isn't anyone else on the horizon at present that shows me anything other than "same-o same-o" Political Party blundering about to represent the Rep Party. The problem with "Professional Politicians", those who are not representing "safe seats" in Congress, at any rate..... after a while they all start to talk like they have been gelded. Straddle the fence and try not to tick off ANYONE. Thus, political "platforms" turn into political pablum and NOTHING gets accomplished. So the "battle lines" are NOT what the candidate stands for, but devolve to finding fault with the character of the opponent. "Dirt raking" if you will.

    Pretty sorry, if you ask me.

    I have the same opinions. I believe Mr. Cain can actually make his political inexperience an asset with the American people if he continues to dwell on one of his major points in the debate: The American people have been electing professional politicians-----"how is that working out for you?" I think Mr. Cain's biggest challenge will be by the "good old boy Republican establishment" who want to engage in king-making. I don't even think they care what is best for the country as long as they can maintain control of candidate selection and support--thus you get a pitiful candidate like McCain in the last election who could not possibly have won given his naive understanding and use of political tactics. I like Johnson the more I hear from him, but he has major problems to overcome. I believe he supports abortion rights and I believe he would eventually move towards ending the "War on Drugs" in favor of treatment options. It just won't play with conservative voters, even though I fully support the government getting out of the street drug enforcement business and his Libertarian views that we need to stop policing the world and attempting to nation build after completing decisive military action.

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