America: Freedom to Fascism
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    America: Freedom to Fascism

    Cruising through the forums yesterday there was a link that a few people posted for youtube's "faliaphotography" video for women's CC options. Wanting to take a look at different options that may get my wife to start carrying more regularly, I checked out the link. I liked her video so I started to surf through her channel at the different videos she had posted. In one video she had a giveaway for a pocket constitution and and a movie called "America: Freedom to Fascism". There was a comment I saw from one viewer that said he had googled the movie title and was able to watch it and got more and more pissed as the movie progressed. So I decided to try the same. I found it easily by a google search and see that the commenter was not kidding. The longer I watched the more I got pissed off at the people that run our government.

    It is a long movie but well worth the time. Combine all the issues in the movie with the current gun grabbing law makers in various states and it makes for a very scary future in the states.

    Movie Trailer

    Link to google movie player
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  3. Thanks for the tip!!..on my playlist now

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    Very interesting, thanks.
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