IMF First deputy managing dirctor quoted
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Thread: IMF First deputy managing dirctor quoted

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    IMF First deputy managing dirctor quoted

    Are you kidding me, this guy came right out and said it, theses are the douches running a powerfull entity who's in our gocernments pockets! Here is a direct quote from this dirtbag today.

    The IMF's first deputy managing director, John Lipsky, taking over while Strauss-Kahn was held in a lockup in Harlem pending a court appearance, defended his boss. "The maid was Argentinian," Lipsky said, "and you know how those people are about repaying their international loans. Dominique probably couldn't help it. Force of habit, you know."
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  3. I truly do not know how to even respond to that

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    The deputy is as big a moron as Strauss-Kahn

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