The Texas legislature almost succeeded in passing campus carry legislation in the regular legislative session justed on May 31. A last minute filibuster killed a key fiscal matters bill that needed to be passed in order for the state budget to balance. This could be a second chance for us to get campus carry passed this session.

The governor warned the Democrats that if they succeeded in killing this fiscal matters bill and forcing a special session, he will make sure that the special session includes other issues they killed during the regular session. We need YOU to call and/or fax Governor Perry’s office TODAY and ask that he include campus carry in that list of issues.

The following is a email that I sent to his office today:

SPECIAL SESSION -- Since you have been forced to call a special session, please use this as an opportunity to get a Campus Carry bill passed. In the regular session such a bill, introduced by Sen. Jeff Wentworth, had the support of at least 90 of 150 Representatives and 20 of 31 Senators, but failed because a small minority was able to tie up the legislation with political gamesmanship.

Please allow those with concealed carry licenses who must go onto college campuses to have the same degree of self defense there as they do in the other places they go.

Please eliminate these so called "Gun Free Zones". Such laws and signs will not prevent a psychopath, who wants to kill as many as he can, from going there. To him it is more accurately thought of as a "target rich, free fire zone".

Please, let us have no "Virginia Techs" in Texas