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Thread: Who Do You Like For President/Vice-President In 2012?

  1. I would like Ron Paul for president. Failing that I don't know who I would vote for as they all seem to be various degree of pond scum. And no we don't have to accept lesser of two evils for president.

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    Okay. Let me get this straight.

    After reading all the posting I've gathered this much: If a candidate doesn't vote exactly the way I think he/she should have voted then I should not consider them a viable candidate and therefore should not be voted for. BUT, if the same candidate voted the way YOU wanted them to then I should consider them to be the perfect candidate.

    Has anyone ever heard the term 'compromise'? That is all politics is. It is a series of compromises that attain the approximate goal desired by the politician. We may not like ALL of the voting of a particular candidate but we need to look at the desired goal and how close they came to attaining the desired goal.

    Sound familiar? WE call it target practice!

    Anyone not willing to compromise in any given situation is either a totalitarian or an idiot. Look at the current struggle with the budget talks. Neither side is willing to budge on THEIR stance so nothing goes forward. It is all about compromise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walt629 View Post
    anyone not willing to compromise in any given situation is either a totalitarian or an idiot.
    It's the idiots who compromise that got us into this mess.
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    Re walt69

    The problem with the nations debt is not between the dems and the repubs it is election time so they both clamp down on there beliefs do votes. Like it or not we need to shutdown the immense spending. We need to hunker down and ride out the storm more irrelevent spending is just going to put us in deeper!

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    Apparently it bears repeating...

    Compromise ? Please...

    Ronald Reagan and H.W. Bush are still waiting for the spending cuts they (and WE THE PEOPLE) were promised for raising taxes and the debt ceiling...

    Spending Cuts and a Balanced Budget Amendment FIRST; then if they still want/need to increase tax revenue they can pass the Fair Tax Act Americans For Fair Taxation: Americans For Fair Taxation

    Anybody that is currently officially in it, running against Barack Obama is an exponentially better choice...

    I too am behind Ron Paul as a 1st choice, and Michele Bachmann as a current 2nd choice... Rick Perry would be good too...

    But you can bet your bottom dollar that I will vote for Slick-Willard Mitt Romney whom is the quintessential poster boy of the lesser of two evils... If Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann does not get the nod...

    That is the reality...
    in not voting at a;; or voting for someone in a general election that can not poll less than double digits of whom they are running against is a vote for the other side; plan and simple...

    Ross Perot gave us Slick Willie Clinton...

    I for one am relieved and find it refreshing that Speaker Boehner and others are taking the position they are; we have to stop the spending and put a damm leash/choke collar on the Tax & Spend Liberals & RINOs in Washington D.C. that have got us into this mess or we most assuredly will be the next Greece on a much greater scale...

    Generational Debt, is Generational Theft...

    Time to stop kicking the can and face the music... We are Bankrupt, we just have not admited it yet and the sooner we do; the sooner we can do what has to be done; stop the upside down entitlement and other frivolous spending and foreign welfare and nation building...

    How many of us (or states for that matter) can raise our own credit limit when we are broke? NONE of us and only 1 out of 50 states does not have a balanced budget amendment to its state constitution... meaning you can't spend money you do not have...

    Its time to put the federal government on a short leash... and remind them they work for us; not the other way around...

    Its long overdue for the tax & spenders to face the music that they have nearly destroyed the Constitutional Republic that we were founded as; and this moment in history IMHO is the last chance we are going to get to make it right without bloodshed; if we are to survive as a nation.

    We have to cut spending, 1st and foremost which in doing so will raise our effective revenues which Obama & Company don't want to admit can be done without raising taxes on those paying most of the taxes already...
    Additionally, they could implement the Fair Tax Act Americans For Fair Taxation: Americans For Fair Taxation which would really raise revenue and abolish the stinking IRS and repeal the 16th Amendment...

    Obama & Company are in Campaign mode and don't give a rats arse what happens with this country as long as it does not happen on their watch and they can blame the Republicans for it; and push the problems they created off on a future president and congress...
    U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

    Anybody else find a problem with Obama & Company saying if we go into default they will pay foreign debt to China and elsewhere first, then those oldest and most infirm that have already paid into social security, and active military and pensioned vets 2nd?

    Its about time our Government started putting American Citizens first...

    I think Ron Paul is the one for that job...
    Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    Hey! I'm not saying that the existing congress is NOT the problem! They are all a bunch of power hungry bastards hell bent on gaining more power and control. There isn't a single one of them that wouldn't jump at being declaired King!

    But if there is no compromise, nothing gets done. I have the chalk and you have the spreader. If we don't come to a compromise, the ball field doesn't get striped!

    And NO! I am NOT a liberal. I AM a realist and a card carrying independent. Taking an un-moving stance only proves that a politician has no understanding of the reality of DC, OR they are looking to garner votes from the extreme edge of the voting pool IE: The Tea Party. (okay! here comes the argument that the tea party represents mainstrean republicans! Not true! TTP also represent people for the left side of the isle that are fed up too!)

    The very simple fact is, even with the majority in the house, whatever the republicans deliver still has to get through the democrat controlled senate to get to a democrat president that has the final say. And I have a sneaking suspision that unless there is a COMPROMISE that include what he wants, it won't get signed.

    But all this is a tangent off the OP topic.

    I know who I'd like but that person won't make it because they are not in step with the RNC and it is the go ahead from the RNC that will determine who we end up with on the right side. And if you doubt this statement, ask yourself how the hell we ended up with McCain on the last go round when almost every popularity poll put him at the middle of the pack.

  8. Ron paul

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who has consistently told the truth and warned of the mess we are in now....25 years ago! He is for Liberty and so am I.

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    Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, can't be any worse then what we have. lol
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    Obama 2012 you heard it here first!!!!!

    Obama 2012!!!!!!!

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    Obama should be impeached and jailed for what he done to our country.

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