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Thread: Lets try ripping apart the 1st amendment

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    I assume then that you mean the 1860's. The abolishionist movement was the last time the organized Christian religion has supported positive social change in this nation. Since then we have had the prohibition, gun control, war on drugs, and most recently the patriot act, all of which were inflicted upon us by Christians.
    No, I don't assume the 1860's. That would be as stupid as assuming that I assumed the 1860's.
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    Thumbs down Dell Wilkes

    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    and most recently the patriot act...
    I screwed up and violated one of my own rules. I should have said the "Dell Wilkes Act". Dell Wilkes is the former USC Gamecocks cocaine user and football player who wrestled in the GWF, WCW, and WWE as "The Patriot". He later went to jail on drug charges so that he could find religion and become a used car salesman. It is in his honor that I refer to the Patriot Act as the "Dell Wilkes Act."

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuhr52 View Post
    The trouble with interpretation is it can change from generation to generation. What was the intent of the amendment in the first place? Sense the people that wrote it are all gone, now we have to leave their intent to interpretation. Funny how religion and the government was not much of an issue until the sixties.

    fuhr52: What they meant is abundantly clear if you read their writings and inerpretation published at the time. Federalist Papers are a good place to start.

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    I agree what they meant is abundantly clear. But like I said when someone questions this we have to rely on the interpretation of the current generation in power to tell us what the original authors meant.
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