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    I will be really happy when people start talking about the good things "cops", police officers do! No I am not an officer but am very close to several. I know of a few officers that got killed by drunk drivers while directing traffic at night. Was that stupid? Yes on the part of the drunk! How would you like to deal with deaths, 2 suicides in a week and come home in a good mood because you had to witness that or see someone cut in two from a wreck. I know of one officer that saved a lifeless child this week from the training he received but I guess their all stupid. I hope if you ever have to call 911 you get that stupid "cop". Because of your comment I will not be back on this site because I have no tolerence for ignorence. I would advise you to ride with an officer for a day or two to see what they face in a day. Good Luck to you Sir!
    Shiloh: No one thinks all LEOs are stupid nor do they corner the market on stupid sayings. However, of late there have been several articles detrimental to LEOs and which raise the ire of people. Consequently, remarks are made. The officer's description of the rifle being dismantled was way off base and showed little forethought before his statement. In other words, he stuck his foot in his mouth. Just like we have all done at times and regretted later. Not everyone demeans LEOs and not everyone has an axe to grind with them. There are many good ones out there who do outstanding jobs and receive little recognition or respect. There are those, however, who are not worthy of wearing their uniforms. Those are the ones you hear about all the time and give others a bad name. You said you would not be back on here because of what you perceived as ignorance of the people here. Maybe you should stick around and learn a little before you make such rash judgements. There are horse's patoots on here, I agree, but there are a lot of well-informed people on here from whom you could learn a lot. And, just think, the lessons are free!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    He probably inhaled a little too much of the fumes from the brasso used to polish his CCW Badge.
    G: There you go again about those badges. You are going to keep on until I will have to get one of those darn things for myself. See what you are causing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgrunt View Post
    G: There you go again about those badges. You are going to keep on until I will have to get one of those darn things for myself. See what you are causing?
    Then Jesus asked them, "When I sent you without a major credit card, fanny pack, or sandals, did you lack anything?"

    "Nothing," they answered.

    And Jesus said, "But now if you have a major credit card, take it, and also a CCW Badge, and if you don't have a CCW Badge, use your major credit card and purchace one from ccw"

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