Stupid things cops say!!
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Thread: Stupid things cops say!!

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    Stupid things cops say!!

    I ran across this article the other day. I can't believe a cop of all people told a reporter this.

    "The Remington rifle is not only dangerous for its power, but itís easy to hide, said police Officer Robert Bell. Bell explained that anyone can take the barrel off the rifle to hide it in their back pockets or present it as a smaller gun."

    I consider myself to be well informed but I have never seen a Remington rifle that a person could remove the barrel to hide it in your pocket then reassemble it in order to commit a crime. Me thinks this cop watches to many spy movies.

    Here's a link to the entire article, it's good for a laugh: Police buy back 20 guns - Miami Gardens / Opa-locka -
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    My opinion - the cop was probably misquoted by the reporter. (Reporters are the WORST at getting facts right.) I imagine he said hide it in a BACKPACK which would make more sense.

    I can't imagine how one would "present it as a smaller gun" otherwise.
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    Properly trained reporters get the facts right :)

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    I was really hoping you were going to say, "everything they say is stupid"...

    But maybe that's just my bias against police in general coming out

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    Question Stupid Things People Say

    I will be really happy when people start talking about the good things "cops", police officers do! No I am not an officer but am very close to several. I know of a few officers that got killed by drunk drivers while directing traffic at night. Was that stupid? Yes on the part of the drunk! How would you like to deal with deaths, 2 suicides in a week and come home in a good mood because you had to witness that or see someone cut in two from a wreck. I know of one officer that saved a lifeless child this week from the training he received but I guess their all stupid. I hope if you ever have to call 911 you get that stupid "cop". Because of your comment I will not be back on this site because I have no tolerence for ignorence. I would advise you to ride with an officer for a day or two to see what they face in a day. Good Luck to you Sir!

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    What Else Needs to be Said !!!

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    Ok my turn. How many of you people READ the article. Officer Bell seem's to in fact, made the comments.
    1. 20 gun's off the street will not make any dent in the crime rate in any city in this country with a population of over maybe 500 people.
    2.What small Remington rifle.
    3.A .25 Cal. weapon FIT'S in someones hands. Give me a break ALL weapons fit in someone's hand's.

    This is a reporter that has no knowledge of weapons and a Police Office that only has a limited knowledge of weapons. Neither one of wich is qualifyed to make a STATMENT about weapons.

    And no I am not down on Cop's I was one for over 25 year's
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    I hear people say stupid things every day. I read stupid things that people have posted on the Internet and in this forum every day. As far as I know I probably say stupid things every day and if you think you don't ever say something stupid you are fooling yourself. A reporters job is to take a comment made by someone and put it into an article that has a fifth grade reading level. Therefore a lot of comments are going to sound stupid. When trying to explain something that requires more than a fifth grade knowlege in a fifth grade level it is going to sound stupid to anyone with a greater understanding.

    I don't know what the discussion above was about but it does sound stupid but cops and reporters have not cornered the market on stupid comments. It is fine to make fun of stupid comments made by reporters and cops because about half the comments made are just as stupid. It all makes for great entertainment.

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    A friend had a Remington .22 that was built off of a Browning Patient. The barrel is removable, but I disagree that it fits in your back pocket.

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