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Excellent answer. Too many times we jump on some politician that has absolutely no control over something which just causes everyone problems. I have no idea about NY but this applies to any state about any policy. Be sure the person that you are contacting can do something about whatever it is you want. The legislature may not permit reciprocity so there is nothing the AG or any other bureaucrat can do. Only a Senator or Representative (or whatever they are called in your state) can actually introduce a new law or a change in the law. You can propose one or even the President or Governor can propose one but they have to get someone else to introduce and put it on the calendar.

The AG only works for the State (or similar authority) and cannot and will not answer your specific questions. You must have someone such as your Rep. to ask for you. An AG opinion is just that, an opinion and carries no legal standing in court. I am amazed, although I should not be, at how misinformed the general public is on the actual workings of the government and how laws are made, enforced and interpreted. Probably the worst place in the world to get factual information on this is from forums such as this and second would be from LEO.

Everyone needs to do research on whatever topic they are concerned about and find out exactly what you need to do. Then contact whoever you need to about it, be short, concise, factual and courteous. A Congressman is not going to read a four page rambling diatribe about some right you claim, although they maybe should they aren't and their staff isn't. A short note saying "Please support HR822" is going to be put in the pile of supports but if you don't mention HR822 until the second page it is going in the trash.

The OP had a great question and idea. However I can't help in detail other than tell him he needs to do research. If there are others our there that do know the details please help as otherwise he is probably wasting his time. Good Luck.

Bold: And that is another thing. I don't see anywhere in NY PEN 400 that even mentions Reciprocity.