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Thread: Remember - 2012 is coming! Our Last Chance to Get Rid of Him.

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    No, there are plenty of great men and women that could run. There are few that want to endure the anal review they will get from the main stream media. Just look how they treat those they see as a threat. They have no fear of Mitt so don't expect them to dig very deep looking for dirt. I'm real tired of all the bad mouthing conservative candidates get when they make mistakes while progressive liberals get a pass making the same mistakes. We have a President that says we have 51 states. That doesn't seem to matter. We had a Vise President that misspelled potato, remember how that went?
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    Obama was the least "vetted" candidate for President I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. The Press gave him a pass on every flaw exposed and cried "racist" to silence any criticism of him. Worst, he managed to gather unto his campaign a huge amount of money, more than any other campaign has EVER expended.

    He sold himself, his agenda, his promises to the American People.... and even that would have not worked if Bush had kept a better handle on his popularity ratings.... but the early campaign clarion call was, "Anyone but BUSH!" (Read: Republicans).

    Obama got into office through opportunistic times, PC "equality" calls (We HAVE to have a woman or a Black this time, seemed to be the Dem battle cry.) and an adoring Liberal press, backed by millions of Government Dependents who perceived that Obama, ex-Community Organizer, was only going to increase the flow of money from the producers to the drones through threat of Government Force via the IRS.

    ... and our erstwhile Prez, while promising much, has done nothing more than ignore, worsen or completely screw up everything he has gotten his beak into from day one. He was going to halve the deficit. He tripled it. He was going to reform medical expenses/insurance. We got Obamacare, in the long view, just another shell out money to the poor program, which the taxpayers are expected to foot the bill for. He was going to end the war(s)..... jury is still out... but OK'ing a "surge" and getting into another area of conflict doesn't speak well of his sincerity on the matter, IMHO. He convinced the Congress to fund "recovery efforts" for our ongoing recession..... a Trillion and a half later..... we are not much better off, economy wise. (We are a HELL of a lot worse off National Debt wise!) (He even had the lack of grace to chuckle about the apparent lack of "shovel ready projects" he had promised that all those bushel baskets of money were going to fund.)

    The man is a disgrace as a Diplomat, an abject failure as a "Leader", is President of only his voter base instead of all the American People, an economic theorist of a failed (repeatedly) Socialist Theory and, apparently, has absolutely no idea as to how business works in this Country and the affect it has on job creation.

    Now, I can understand how the "What's in it for me?" crowd would vote for this charleton, but how did so many "supposedly" ever so clever, sophisticated "swing" voters go in for this character? Does this indicate that "swing voters" really don't know what they want either?

    Even if we get him gone in the '12 election, the damage he has done, even to this point, let alone the additional year and a half he has left to muck things up, is going to leave us with years of "damage control" operations to get us back on track again.

    If he does get elected again..... I don't see our Country ever pulling ourselves back on our feet again.

    If we let it happen..... the old adage just might be true after all. i.e. A Country gets exactly the Government it deserves.

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