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Thread: Paying your share of the national debt - would you do so IF...?

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    NO!!!!! It's not my debt. It's Barack's. He's generated more debt than all other presidents combined and he's not even finished his first term. It's simple math... You can't spend money you don't have. And you can't keep kicking this can down the road.

    Our Senate and Congress haven't had a passing relationship with their constituency in a long time. The Crips and Bloods (Dem & GOP) are engaged in nothing less than a gang war. The spoils are our tax dollars.

    How about halting all pay and health benefits for Congress/Senate/President until they do their job?
    Oh. You mean like actually proposing a budget in April of each year so that can be hammered out, argued over and settled in time for augmentation for the coming fiscal year? (It HAS been three years now since a legitimate budget has been passed you know. It is REQUIRED by force of Law, which, obviously is being simply ignored at present.)

    There is an Obama fan in another forum who continually throws up the fact that the House Reps voted to pass a "patch job" budget of Democratic proportions back this Spring to get us through '11. He, of course, completely omits (conveniently) that this was only reluctantly allowed to happen because the Reps wanted to clear the decks for a "good fight" over the '12 budget. Well, THAT didn't work out as planned, because the fight over the debt ceiling has taken over the world's attention. (... and the '12 budget STILL languishes in limbo. You ever get the feeling that the Dems do NOT want a budget fight? They want to continue to spend, spend, spend! Certainly garners them votes come election time.)

    My prediction; Once the debt ceiling has been raised (as it will), there will be a fast and furious "pro forma" kabuki theater show to get some sembalance of a budget rammed through, in "crisis" mode, of course, which, (also of course), will contain nothing but passing effort at actual spending reductions.

    The credit rating outfits are correct to lower our rating. We are thoroughly trapped in our present spending habits, primarily because to "touch" any of the "entitlement" programs WILL be political suicide for those attempting same. Thus the present situation will continue until we really DO default.

    It has been said that a Democratic form of Government works until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the National Treasury. Until the vast majority of our citizenry acknowledge to themselves that they are going to have to begin to stand on their own two feet instead of relying on the Nanny Government to feed them "Bread and Circuses", no significant reduction in Government spending will occur.

    After the "fall" of our financial system, we will have something else in it's place, Government type/style wise. I have a sneaking suspicion that not even the advocates of "something different" will be pleased with the results.

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    Being as our education system has failed, just a reminder. We have three branches of government per the US Constitution. Only one of those has the authority to appropriate our money. The President is responsible for presenting a budget. It's the Congress and only the Congress that has the authority to appropriate our money. The President can veto anything he wants. The Congress can over ride. The President has no constitutional authority to appropriate our money, nor does the Justice Branch have any constitutional authority to appropriate our money. The congress works for we the people and for some reason we the people continue to rehire the congress every election cycle. Then after elected the congress points fingers at each other blaming them for the very problems they, the congress, are creating. But I'm a product of our failed education system and I could be all wrong. If 3 million voters can't direct 535 Senators and Congressmen, to clean up this mess that they have had the Constitutional authority to create, how is it ever going to get fixed.
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