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    According to the current head of the Department of Homeland Security, all military vets are homegrown terrorists. Because some of us also support the 2nd Amendment, and other articles of the Bill of Rights, we are Right-Wing Extreemists. Now, evidently, being a TEA Party supporter, adds a gold star to our homegrown terrorist title. I have more titles now than our local library.
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    Well, as a gun dealer, CCL holder, ammunition manufacturer, blaster license holder, taxpayer, business owner, divorced, pet owner, cigar smoker, and a TEA PARTY PATRIOT, I guess I'm in deep doodoo. They'll be giving me a nickname like The Little Jackal.

    Oh yeah, I own my home, carry a pocketknife, and drive a Ford.

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    Say what you like about the Tea Party, during this "Debt Ceiling" charade we have been privy to for the past few weeks, the Tea Party endorsed House freshmen where the only ones that stuck to their guns and didn't sell out to the "Business as usual crowd" (Dem AND Reps.)

    Hitherto, I have always known who to support versus the Dems based on the amount of time and effort the Dems spend in vilifying that person. It's nothing more than a fear reaction. To minimize the potential damage the "target" might do to your own political standings.... demean, diminish and destroy the opposition. The higher the perceived danger, the harder you try to destroy that potential danger.

    Thus it is that the "Tea Party" is getting verbally beaten by not only the Dems (THAT comes to follow, TP in total opposition to their Party Line.) but even the GOP usual suspects are taking up the "Beat up the TP" theme. Why? Because they represent a grass roots displeasure at the fiscal irresponsibility that has been demonstrated by BOTH Parties for ever so long.

    It's no mistake that the overall "approval rating" of the Congress has been hovering in the low teens since forever. The Tea Party endorsed members of the Congress represent a physical, in your back yard/playground, in your face manifestation of the displeasure of the American People. THIS threatens their existance. THIS threatens their free and easy reign over our very existance and freedoms. THIS threatens their "business as usual" attitudes. THIS scares the hell out of them!

    Only reasonable counter? Attack. Demean. Belittle. How utterly predictable.

    Don't know about you, but I will redouble my efforts to insure that the "Tea Party" grass roots voice is heard, loud and clear, repeatedly, until such time as Congress in general realizes that the time has come when it is not "BUSINESS AS USUAL"!

    Congress and Presidential fiscal irresponsibility has brought us to a position where our very way of life, our financial strength and the stability of our Government is in peril. Maybe they don't know what to do about it, but continuation of the same-o same-o certainly is NOT going to resolve the situation.

    You go, Tea Party! At least you are not willing to take mediocrity and "compromise" as an answer.

    See where it got us this time? We averted catrastophy we are told. The market tells us differently, DOW down nearly 200...... AFTER the debt ceiling was raised. Riddle me that one!


    Post market close edit: DOW down 265! (...and our elected nobility thought the markets would rebound happily at their "sterling efforts" to avoid a fiscal catastrophy! The investors know, as well as does any perceptive person knows, we have only kicked the can down the road once again.)
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    Keep in mind "compromise" is only used when the other side agrees with democrats. If the democrats have to agree with the republicans, they use much different turms. Thumbs up to the Tea Party, keep the pressure on. The more vicious the attacks by the main strem media the more scared they are. Left wing politicians and the main stream media don't attack groups and people they don't fear.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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